Identity Protection: Prevention, Detection nd Victim ssistnce

Identity ft plces burden on its victims nd presents chllenge to businesses, orgniztions nd government gencies, including IRS.

IRS combts txrelted identity ft with n ggressive strtegy of prevention, detection nd victim ssistnce. We’re mking progress ginst this crime, s it remins one of our highest .

Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your Socil Security number to file tx return climing frudulent refund. If you become victim, we’re committed to ing you resolve your cse s quickly s possible.

IRS, sttes nd privtesector tx industry re working toger to identify nd pply safeguards to better protect txpyers nd fight identity ft. However, we need your . Lern wht you cn do to mke your personl, finncil nd tx dt sfer t: Taxes. Security. Together.


IRS doesn’t initite contct with txpyers by emil to request personl or finncil informtion. This includes ny type of electronic communiction, such s text messges nd socil medi chnnels. IRS does cll txpyers with threts of lwsuits or rrests.


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