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1 posts since

9 Sep 2021

Hey Guys, 


I’m not sure what I’m hoping for by writing on here, I guess a place to voice my worries.

A while back I noticed I had developed a rash on my breasts, it’s hard to explain how it looks really but I guess you could say it looks a lot like a bruise. It’s purple and red, but has no texture and is not raised. It’s grown in size a fair bit and I’d say almost covers the side of my left breast, but is slightly smaller in size on my right.

I went to my GP a few weeks ago and she did an examination but didn’t find any lumps. She prescribed me with some antibiotics for a fungal infection. This hasn’t cleared it.

I haven’t been back to my GP since, I guess for a little while it was down to being niaive and thinking I’m only 25 surely it’s not . Now I think it’s more so down to the fear that it could be.

I’ve done some research on Inflammatory breast cancer, and a lot say that lumps coming with IBC. 

could anyone offer any advice?

4008 posts since

19 Jun 2013

Hello bellexo

I’m sorry to hear that you have some concerns about your breast health at the moment. 

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare form of cancer so whilst it’s unlikely that this could be causing your symptoms it’s still important to go back to your GP to get this investigated further. Please do give them a call after the weekend to arrange to speak to someone so that they can give you some reassurance and take the next steps in treating this problem. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator 

IBC scare

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