I need some advise please

I need some advise please

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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

1 posts since

16 Apr 2019

Im 16 and 3 days ago i have found a lump on one of my testicles. I dont know who to speak to. I feel to embarrased to go to my doctor although i know i shouldnt. I know they are going to have to operate on me to remove my testicle and remove the cancer but its not long till my exams and i dont want any more time off school. I cant afford to miss key time and lessons when i need them for my gcse’s. I dont know what to do. I know if i dont get this seen to it could spread to other organs and could possibly kill me. I have also started getting pains when i touch the lump and i feel quite a bit of discomfort when sitting down. I have also started getting sharp pains in my throat and i read cancer could spread if it isnt treated im concerned that this pain in my throat can be linked to this lump. I have arranged a day out with my sister where i am going to talk to her about this and get some help but i am most likely going to refuse surgery till august when my exams have finished

558 posts since

4 Jan 2019

Hi cancer cannot jump from down below up to the throat. Your lump could be a cyst, boil, or something else it doesn’t have to be cancer, most cancers are pain less. Reading about things is the worst thing anyone can do it makes you think the worst. Go to the doctors get checked out even boils need treatment. 


652 posts since

17 Jan 2012

Hello Ben020,

Please stop worrying that you have cancer. It is far more likely that something else is the matter but you do need go and see your GP about this.

You are already under some stress with your exams coming up so I know that it is easy to automatically think the worse situation possible. However, testicular cancer, is an uncommon cancer so it is unlikely that you have it. 

Don’t worry about going to see you GP, you can request to see a male doctor if you think you will feel more comfortable about beinf examined.  Remember that doctors are professionals who have had training and experience in examining parts of the body. Going to see your GP is probably the only way to help you feel less worried, so do go and get this sorted out so you can concentrate on your GCSEs. 

Also do talk with a trusted adult about this too.

To take care,


I need some advise please

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