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We know it’s a worrying time for people with cancer. Please read our information about coronavirus and cancer alongside this page. If you have symptoms of cancer you should still contact your doctor and go to any appointments you have. Spotting cancer early means treatment is more likely to be successful.

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27 Jul 2020

Hi there,


Im 52, and had an hysteroscopy a week ago after heavy bleeding for 5 weeks, needed 3 blood transfusions….anyhoo! she said I would have to wait for the histology results, but she found multiple polyps and an irregular thickened uterine cavity.  She said the simple outcome would be a D&C with coil fitted, other outcomes would be discussed when the results of biopsy came back.  I received a phone call booking me in for D&C in two weeks…….but what if the biopsy results are not back by then, do I just go ahead with it.  My appointments are all messed up, as I have been hospitalised twice in the last month, and ended up seeing the consultant in Outpatients before I had the hysteroscopy appointment.  this was because I didnt get the hysteroscopy appointment until the 2nd admittance.  She just sent me away as she needed the results first.  Does anyone have any advice on what to do if the results are not back in time for the D&C apppointment.  

2339 posts since

19 Jun 2013

Hello Minty1401

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with these health problems and that you’ve been advised that some further treatment may be needed. 
If you’ve not heard back about your results closer to the date for your planned procedure then do give the Consultant’s secretary a call so that they can chase things up for you. 

I hope that things improve for you soon. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator

Hysteroscopy & D&C

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