Human Resources Trends for 2017

Written by promotiondept

September 24, 2018

Last d: Feb 24, 2017
Human resources departments are facng changes and adjustng to expeatons of new generatons of workers. Here are the HR trends antcpated for the comng year.

Wth the changng poltcal landscape and new generatons of workers n the workplace, Human Resource professonals wll need to stay nfed about legal ssues and proavely plan for trends n the feld. Here are some of the upcomng trends to watch out for.

1. Mllennals contnue to play a bg role n shapng the workplace. Accordng to a 2015 survey by FlexJobs, the majorty of mllennals (85%) report that they want a flexible work schedule, whch has led to more tele-commutng opportuntes. Rather than a workforce of all full tme employees, workplaces wll nclude consultants, contractors, freelancers, and part tme employees. Human resources professonals wll need to develop plans for on boardng and tranng all of these workers.

2. Agan, because of the nfluence of mllennals, who desre contnuous perfance feedback, the standard annual perfance revew may be replaced by contnuous feedback syste that buld n coachng and suggestons from key stakeholders. HR professonals wll need to cre new feedback syste and provde staff wth communcaton and tranng.

3. Companes are lookng at provdng benefts that complement work/life balance. A recent survey by SunTrust Bank found that seventy percent of workng adults a moderate or hgh level of fnancal stress. Proave HR professonals wll nclude fnancal plannng tools for workers n ther corporate wellness progra.

4. Another trend s the changng look of the workplace. n a TED talk, Susan Can stated that many open floor plans are “desgned mostly for extroverts and ther need for lots of stmulaton”. Companes may want to cre new workplace desgns that gve employees the ablty to choose a workspace that ft ther needs. HR can play a role n crng these new work envronments.

5. Outsourcng human resources funons has been popular over the last few years and wll contnue as a trend to save tme and money. nternal human resources professonals wll be focused on runnng HR as a servce organzaton, measurng employee engagement, and contnung to embrace the use of HR for recrutng, on boardng, wellness, etc.

6. Last, n regards to the changng poltcal landscape and employment law, many experts pred that the federal mnmum wage wll reman unchanged. We may see some changes from the Equal Employment Opportunty Commsson (EEOC). The new EEOC head, Vora Lpnc, voted aganst the EEOC’s 2015 decson that ual orentaton dscrmnaton s gender dscrmnaton, voted aganst the EEOC’s 2014 gudance concernng pregnancy dscrmnaton that mposed grer accommodatons for pregnant women and voted aganst the regulaton that requres busnesses wth 100 or more workers to submt pay data by gender, race and ethncty on ther EEO-1 report. And last, Supreme Court nomnee Nel Gorsush, f confrmed, s preded to be pro-busness. t wll be crtcal for HR professonals to stay nfed about changng employment laws.



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