HR Project Management: Defining Human Resources Programs

HR Project agem: Defining Resources Programs

elored in the first article, you will benefit grly by building projects out of your key HR actions. You will brhe some life into your activities, and most likely achieve your gls more husitically and effectively.

But there is more that can be done!

The first question is what is your resources strategy?

The second question is how can you organize all of your projects around that strategy?

The effort of devising your strategy is very significant, and does not happen overnight. It is also not the topic of this article.

However, this article is about taking that strategy and building it into a program, which likely will ist of y projects that are knit together tightly through their relationship back to the strategy.

There are three bic reons why you need to think about your HR activities in terms of a program:

You need to make sure that the programs you are impleming support the direction of your organization. This could relate to hiring strategies, training, administration and more. If something is not aligned to the overall organizational strategy, do not move forward with the program! Instead, ider redefining it to make it more compatible and aligned.

Once you have your program ly in mind, select your projects accordingly. Don’t take on projects that do not advance your program. and prioritize projects according to their importance to the program! Redefine or discard and projects that don’t move your program forward.

Monitoring your program is critical. There could be changes in organizational strategy or changes in internal of external conditions. You may need to rethink which HR projects you need to pursue. Be flexible, but be prctively so.

Does your Resources departm have a strategy? Is it aligned with the organization’s strategy? Do you have a program or multiple programs that support longer-term HR gls that are aligned to that strategy? Do all of your projects support the program, and are you willing to discard or redefine them if they don’t?

HR Project agem: Defining Resources Programs



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