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Symptoms and rsks.

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The human papllomavrus vrus (HPV) s a collecton of vruses that ts on the hands, feet, and gentals. Some HPVs are sexually transmtted and also . An HPV vaccne may uce r rsk.

Too Few Amercans Get The HPV Vaccne

HPV (human papllomavrus) vaccnaton has ncreased n recent , rates reman well below the government’s 2020 gl of 80 percent of age-elgble adolescents, accordng to a recent report by the Presdent’s Cancer Panel.

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f have HPV, mght never know t. t’s so common that the CDC estmates that almost 80 mllon n the Unted States have t.

Dependng on the type of HPV get, may or may not have symptoms. Many don’t.

What should know.

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Can get herpes from a tolet seat?

Do gental ts have a cure?


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HPV/Gental ts Center



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