How to validate a market for our product?

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How to validate a market for our product?

You should validate your market before starting to build a product or service.


I’ve said it.

One of the biggest banality ever.

But it will surprise you how many companies dive headfirst into developing an MVP or a new market before validating the idea they have.

Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a corporation, validating a product idea should be of the utmost importance before disembarking in a target market.

The goal is different, of course, while startups want to build their MVP, SMEs and Large Enterprises want to see if their product would be a good fit for a new market in terms of features and price point.

The market validation process allows you to “hit the ground running” because:

So, how do you validate your business idea and, consequently, the market?

You have to talk to your target audience.

It’s as simple as this.

However, there are cemented practices in place that make this simple task look insurmountable such as:

Yes, I know you have heard so much talking about “client personas” by self-appointed marketing and UX gurus that you can’t stand it no more.

The problem is that the most common practices have it backwards. You don’t have to create 1,000 personas to satisfy every need of the market.

You need just a couple of user personas:

A lot of times these two personas differ. You have to entice one and convince to buy the other.

That’s it.

And what do you have to do to create personas? Talk to your target audience.

Now let’s look more in details in the steps you should follow.

Follow these steps, and you will skyrocket your future conversion rate!

How to validate a market for our product?

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