Choosing right colors for your website design is important in the sense that colors can motivate your website visitors. Colors affect the mood of the visitors. Set the right mood for your viewers by choosing the right color that fits your design.

Keep the consistent color palette through all your web pages. This will provide visual unity and simplicity for the visitors. Add variety by using different shades of the main color(s).

Here are some common color schemes and recommendations depending on business type:
Color schemes that work well for regular business sites:
blue and white
blue, gray and/or white
red, gray and/or white.
Food related sites: red, green
Kid related sites: yellow, green, or pink
Artistic sites: purple, red

It’s also important to decide what color to use for texts and backgrounds. Black text on white backgrounds is one of the most common combinations. It may be dull, but it is the most readable. Using strong contrast between texts and backgrounds causes eye-strain and is not very readable, either.

Refer to the following list in order to pick up the best color schemes for your website. This list shows how colors have distinct personalities and how they are associated with our feelings.
White: cleanliness, simplicity, innocence
Black: darkness, mystery, secrecy, seriousness
Grey: neutrality, indifference
Red: love, passion, excitement, danger, warning
Blue: calmness, professionalism, success, seriousness
Orange: fun, youth, creativity, celebration
Yellow: curiosity, cheerfulness, amusement
Pink: softness, sweetness, innocence, tenderness
Green: nature, life, health, harmony, money
Purple: ambiguity, uncertainty, luxury, fantasy, art
Brown: earth, nature, primitive


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