– Make it informative and meaningful.
It’s easier to remember when your business name reminds customers of your goods or services. Make it meaningful and easy to remember.

Some experts vote for abstract names, but it will take more efforts to do efficient and creative marketing for it. Yet, when the business marketing is successful, the name will be more unique, hence it will leave a strong impression to people.

– Consider to make it reflect your brand.

– Consider names that reflect values, quality of products and services that your business provides. For example, Hearty Vitamin Shop sounds more health-oriented than Jenny’s Vitamin Shop.

– Check domain availability.
More about how to choose domain name

– Legal issues
If you’re setting a corporation , limited partnership or LLC, your business name should comply with state name rules. Also, remember to check trade name regulations.

– Leave a room to expand.
This can be significant for some people and not for others. It can be a good idea to make your business broad enough to expand to other fields even though you don’t expect that to happen any time soon. If the name is too meaningful or too specific, you might need to set up a new business in case of expanding your business.

– Consulting with naming professionals.
It’s a good idea to check with experts of naming companies. If you’re not sure about your idea or you think you need to clear up in regard to possible legal issues. Although it costs money, naming experts will guide you to make a solid decision. Another benefit of using naming firms is that experts will provide you with legal advice.

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