How to Market Your Business Effectively on Twitter

Lt Updated: Dec 17, 2014
f you really want to get the most out of Twtter, your feed s to be engagng and nterestng. Here are fve thngs you can do to market your busness on Twtter more effectvely.

Twtter gves you access to over 200 mllon actve users. Among them are potental clents/customers, busness partners, sponsors and communty leaders, all of whom can contrbute to your busness – whether n the form of sales, growth opportuntes or mage-buldng – n a meanngful way. Naturally, your Twtter account must be engagng enough to keep you front-and-center n people’s mnds. Here are some de on your busness effectvely on Twtter.

1. just tweet blog posts

Awesome blog posts are shared generously by Twtterat, but that doesn’t mean you should lmt your tweets to blogs only. There’s so much you can share to keep your Twtter account dverse, nterestng and buzzng. We can’t put a number to t, and what you can share s only lmted by your creatvty and magnaton. These seven tweet de are just the tp of the Twtter content sharng ceberg:

You cannot expect people to buy from you or socate wth you wthout frst earnng ther trust. Wth Twtter, the focus should be on buldng a communty of loyal followers who trust you to delver qualty, authortatve content and answer ther questons. You can, of course, lnk to your servce page, offer a teer/sound bte of your upcomng product and announce your blow-out sale or dscounts. However, you should avod creatng nose wth overt messages on Twtter or any socal meda ste for that matter.

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2. Follow trends and hhtags

Keep an eye out for trendng hhtags and topcs and see how you can make a relevant connecton to your brand. When you put your busness among the trendng topcs, your handle wll be seen by people searchng for tweets surroundng that partcular hhtag. Use Trendsmap to stay on the pulse of the top trendng hhtags on twtter for any locaton n the world. You can also use Google Trends to understand what your audence s searchng for onlne and create valuable, useful content around t. Taggng your posts wth one or more trendng and relevant hhtags s one of the smplest ways of reachng new users. But do t wth care : avod usng too many hhtags or attachng hhtags to rrelevant content ths may be perceved Twtter spam. 

3. Get n on potental local customers

One of the advantages of Twtter a tool s that t enables you to reach out to potental customers n your own backyard. f you want to connect wth local customers who lve and work near your busness, Twtter Advanced Search wll brng up a lst of people who are tweetng from or near your locaton. You can start followng them to add them to your lst of potental local customers. Once you’ve done that, the next step would be to engage them and buld your communty of valuable followers.

4. Create Twtter coupons

Socal coupons have been seen to motvate purches. Creatng one for Twtter s ey. Wth a socal coupon platform lke TwtQpon, you can create three types of onlne coupons on Twtter:

Twtter coupons offer a mutually benefcal socal opportunty. Your followers are lkely to fnd them qute rresstble!

5. Track tons and respond when you spot a busness opportunty

Trackng brand tons and keywords s a good way to lsten n on what’s beng sad you. Customers are ncrengly usng socal meda channels – ncludng Twtter – to complan or k a product. You can use twtter a channel to clear the ar a rumor surroundng your latest launch or apologze and sure acton f followers have posted complants. Tools such Twazzup and SocialMention are useful to make trackng tons eer.

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By Twtter conversatons, you can also come across potental sales opportuntes. For nstance, say you are an accountng frm n Florda and set up a search for “accountng frm Florda” or “accountant Florda”. When you fnd someone n Florda tweetng that she s lookng for an accountng frm for her home busness, you can jump rght n and nvte her to vst your establsht or drect her to your webste.

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