How to Improve CTR ( Click Through Rate)

What does CTR mean?
CTR ( Click Through Rate) is the ro of the numbers of clicks per number of impressions/views of your ads. For example, CTR is 1% when the impressions are 1000 and the clicks are 100.

What does low CTR mean?
Low CTR indicates that users seem to ider your advertiset to be relevant to what they’re looking for.

How to improve CTR – for Google Adwords

1. Use specific keywords rather than general keywords. Use “wo’s hiking sneakers” rather than “sneakers”.

2. Use targeted keywords that actually describe your products and services.

3. Group d keywords and write a targeted ad. Grammar mistakes, misspelling, unfamiliar abbrevions and uncommon phrases in the ads actually turn down potential customers.

4. Use call to action words such as ‘Save Now’ or “Buy Now”. Appropriate use of modifiers can also improve CTR.

More suggestions
Experit Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion. This automcally inserts the keyword in the ad without creng 100 ads for 100 keywords.