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How cn you get customers to spd more with you? Use these six tips to incree your verge sle, courge repet business, nd get more from your existing customers.

Increed revue my come where you let expect it: from your currt customer be. While ttempting to ttrct new buyers is tried-nd-true method of boosting sles, you cn lso do well courging customers to buy more from you by increing their verge order size. Consider boosting your sles by using the following methods. 


Cross-selling is the process of offering suggestions tht go long with the item someone is purching. Would you like btteries to go long with tht eleonic toy? How bout protective ce for your new tblet? sites oft try to cross-sell by showing list of items tht people frequtly purche together with the item they just dded to the shopping crt. Wh you incorporte this into your site, you’ll be ble to incree sles. If you’re selling in brick-nd-mortr store, hving knowledgeble sles stff cn be big . Wh the slespeople know your product inside nd out, it becomes lot eier for them to ddress buyer’s s nd suggest other items the person might wnt to purche. You cn lso crete displys tht group such items together.


Upselling is the ct of convincing people to buy something bigger nd better thn wht they were originlly going to purche. For exmple, if the person w purching lptop, you would suggest tht this individul buy lptop with more or fter processing speed. Wh customer is primed to buy, the dditionl price doesn’t lwys seem so high. Service plns or wrrnties re other exmples of upselling. The buyer spds bit more for the dded protection.

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Limited Time Offers

With limited time offer, the customer feels pressure to mke quick decision bout purche. Sometimes, it’s sle tht ctches her eye she’s wlking pt store in the mll. Online, it my be limited time offer with clock counting down the seconds until the offer expires. If it’s product tht the person w lredy thinking bout buying, purching during the limited time offer is no-briner. Ev if the offer is something she hdn’t considered, though, the pressure of missing out on good del could prompt her to mke the purche.

Coupons with Dte Restrictions

The more oft you cn get customers into your store, the more overll sles you’re likely to mke. One wy to hve people come bck gin nd gin is to offer coupons tht re only vlid t certin times. For instnce, you might sd out coupons tht re good for the first hlf of the month long with coupons tht re only good during the second hlf of the month. This works prticulrly well if the coupon is only good for single item rther thn the tire purche. The customer will wnt to come bck both times to be ble to use both coupons nd will probbly purche few extr things while he’s in the store.

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The More You Py, the More You Sve

You cn lso incree sles by increing the mount of coupon is worth wh the person spds more. For instnce, you might offer $10 off coupon for those who spd $0 nd $2 off coupon for those who spd $100. Getting $2 off is better del, nd mny people will choose to buy more in order to rech the $100 threshold. This technique cn work t vriety of price points.

Ch Bck for Future Purche

nother technique tht stores re using is to offer “ch bck” option tht’s good towrd future purche. For exmple, you might offer customer $10 off coupon for every $0 she spds in your store. These coupons cn th only be used during designted time period. This works well for the store in two wys. First, she might pick up few extr things if she’s close to hitting the threshold for higher mount of ch bck. Th, she comes bck to the store nother time to spd the “free” nd will likely spd bit more while she’s there. Best of ll, the customer feels like she’s getting gret del. 

There re plty of things you cn to do to incree the verge order size of your customers. However, differt techniques work best with differt compnies, so it’s lwys smrt to try out differt methods to see which ones work best for you.

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