How To Field Dress A Turkey Instructional Video

Skinning A Turkey

Turkeys are one of the few animals that you can hunt in the springtime.  Some really enjoy the activity, and the thrill of calling in a big tom.  Others hunt spring turkey because their normal quarry is out of season.  Some hunt because they need to put food on the table. Others do it because it is a great way to break kids into hunting since it isn’t as cold as many other hunting seasons in the fall or winter.  No matter the reason for the hunt, one consideration to make after you have taken the game is how to clean and prepare the bird so that you and your family can eat it!  In the video below, Jeff and I show How To Field Dress A Turkey.  Though there are other methods for field dressing a turkey, and some may be faster, this method maximizes the amount of meat you can get from your kill, which could be very important in a survival situation or a situation where you had to hunt for food because there was no more food on the shelves at the grocery store!

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Spring turkey hunts are an excellent way to get out early in the year, and kick cabin fever.  As you can see, there is a lot of meat to be had from one of these birds.  So if you’re looking for something to do in the spring of the year, try , and try filed dressing your next turkey in this manner instead of just breasting it out.  That way if you ever need to Field Dress A Turkey in a grid down situation you will have done it before.





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Handy tips for field dressing. I had to learn how to dress a rabbit the hard way, it’s nice to see a video for turkey. How many turkey have you bagged this year?

None this year! Haven’t had a chance to go hunting… 🙁

Great tips on field dressing turkeys! My favorite knife kit for the skinning process is the Gerber Moment Field Dressing Kit 🙂

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How To Field Dress A Turkey Instructional Video

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