How to Do Business Blogging the Right Way

Written by promotiondept

September 17, 2018

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Bloggng s a hgh-levege marketng actvty that few busness owners are takng full advantage of. Learn how to do busness bloggng the rght way.

Busness bloggng. Frusttng, sn’t t?

Everyone tells you how mportant bloggng s, but despte your best efforts when you do blog all you hear s ckets.

To make matters worse, you keep hearng that companes wth blogs are extremely successful. n fact, HubSpot research shows the average company that blogs h:


Bloggng can help you reach new customers, buld customer loyalty, get nvaluable feedback, and attct a steady stream of hghly-targeted nbound leads. Bloggng s also cost-effectve. Accordng to Exact Target and Hghtable, “the average cost to generate a marketing lead ($143) is about half the average cost of an outbound lead ($373).”

That s great but how exactly do they do t? f you haven’t been able to fgure out how to use your blog to busness, don’t worry.

You Are Not Alone

f you’re strugglng to harness the power of bloggng for your busness, you aren’t the only one. Most busnesses aren’t bloggng.

Consder ths:

That means there’s plenty of opportunty for small busnesses to nmbly outmaneuver the “bg guys” by embcng bloggng and developng compellng, evergreen content that speaks drectly to your prospectve customers. f you get bloggng rght, t can be a major beneft for your busness.

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Do You Make These Mstakes?

So what’s keepng the avege busness blogger from achevng ther goals? n my experence, there are two man culprts. Most busness bloggers:

Once you recognze these two common obstacles you can take acton.

Develop a content sttegy

Thnk lke a publsher.

f your busness h an onlne presence, lke t or not, you’re essentally a meda company. And a blog s one of the best ways to start pullng your customers n.

f you’re gong to thnk lke a publsher–by eatng valuable content that can be monetzed–you a content sttegy. Your content sttegy wll determne who you’re tryng to reach, how you’ll reach them, and what knd of content they wll fnd valuable. Takng tme to come up wth a sttegy and gettng t down on paper where you can use t to gude your decsons s tcal. t’s also where a lot of busness owners drop the ball. n ther exctement to start bloggng they fal to prepare adequately.

Can you magne a major meda company that ddn’t have a clear dea of who they were tryng to reach and exactly how they would do t? Can you magne them producng content spodcally?

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’d lke to share a fmework for busness bloggng wth you to help you avod the two common mstakes mentoned earler. There are many ways to approach busness bloggng.

Usng ths fmework wll help you get started and avod common ptfalls.

Do you want to see ths n acton?

Sometmes t’s helpful to your efforts after someone who h already fgured thngs out. Of course, you should evaluate whether specfc wll help you acheve your goals. Study some successful busness blogs and mtate what works.

Here are some examples:

Bloggng sn’t an mpossble, arcane scence. You just have to know how to get started.  So what are you watng for?  

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Anthony Slls s a drect-response copywrter and content sttegst on a msson to elmnate borng marketng. He’s wrtten copy for eBay, SEMrush, BM, Amercan Express, nfusonSoft and many exctng startups. You can always reach Anthony via social media or emal.



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