How to Discover How New Customers Find Your Business

Lst Updted: Mr 27, 2017
How re new customers ctully ing your business? Which of your mrketing methods is working best? Here’s how you cn trck down tht informtion.

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I’ve written lot in the pst bout how to engge with nd mrket to your udience cross differ chnnels: emil, Fcebook, Twitter, etc. But in order to hve this udience to mrket to, your business needs to get found by the people interested in it. Tht’s why understnding the plces your udience is serching for nd ing your business is so importnt. Once you’re ble to idify these plces, you cn optimize your mrketing efforts nd cont to funnel those prospects into those mrketing chnnels (your emil list, Fcebook Pge, Twitter) to crete connection nd hve the opportunity to continue the converstion. It lso s idify new opportunities, so tht you cn put pln together to rech customers on pltforms you might not be using lredy.

Here re five wys to out how customers re ing you:

1.  sk them

Most customers, especilly hppy ones, re willing to let you know how they ended up on your website or t your front door.

sk for this informtion in the following wys:

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2. Serch for your business the wy prospective customer would

Strt by serching for your business nme on serch engine like Google or Bing to see where informtion bout your business is lredy vilble online. Chnces re the first pge of results looks something like this:

Next, try serch terms you think could drive people to your business. For exmple, for florist your serch terms could look like this:

Mke list of ll the plces your business is showing up. lso mke sure to tke note of plces where your business isn’t currly listed but you think should be. Then you cn mke plns to hve your business informtion published on those sites.

3. Set up Google nlytics

With Google nlytics, you cn not only see which pges on your website re generting the most trffic, but cn lso see brekdown of where the trffic is coming from. re people ing you through serch engines like Google? re sites like Fcebook or Twitter driving visits to your site? You cn lso see which your udience is using to ccess your site. This is good wy to see the impct of mobile on visitors to your site. In ddition to insight into how people re getting to your website, Google Analytics lso shows you the length of time people re spending on ech pge. This is ll vluble informtion for ing you figure out how people re ing you nd which resources they re using when reserching your business.

4. Keep tbs on your socil medi udience

While not everyone who visits your Fcebook Pge or sees you on Twitter will become fn or followers, keeping tbs on how these udiences re growing cn provide insight into wht pltforms offer the biggest opportunity for your business. Look t how chnges in your udience relte to your ctivity. If prticulr of cont is getting shred nd resulting in spike of new fns, you cn incorporte similr cont into our posting strtegy in the future. lso, look to see how your interctions with differ members of your network re impcting your fn nd follower counts.

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5. Trck your emil list growth

If you’re using signup tools to grow your emil list, you cn esily trck where people re signing up within your ccount. This llows you trck your email list growth online. You cn lso see how people re joining your list offline s well. It’s importnt to mke it s esy s possible for people to sign up to ccelerte your emil list growth nd tke you step closer to ttrcting your next gret customer.

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Ellen Willims, Constnt Contct Regionl Developm Director, New York nd Southern Connecticut

Ellen hs over 20 yers of technology nd mrketing experience nd hs presed to over 4,000 es, nons, nd ssocitions. Her dvice on best prctices orgniztions understnd how to build gret customer reltionships tht inevitble grow their businesses.