How to Design n I Mrketing Strtegy

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July 0, 202

In order to relize I’s nt potentil, CMOs need to hve good grsp of the vrious kinds of pplictions vil nd how they my evolve. This rticle guides mrketing executives through the current stte of I nd presents frmework tht will them clssify their exing projes nd pln the effeive rollout of future ones. It ctegorizes I long two dimensions: intelligence level nd whether it stnds lone or is prt of broder pltf. Simple stnd-lone tsk-utomtion pps re good plce to strt. But dvnced, integrted pps tht incorporte mchine lerning hve the gretest potentil to crete vlue, so s firms build their cpbilities, they should move towrd those technoloes.

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How to Design n I Mrketing Strtegy


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