How to Craft a Guest Posting Strategy that Still Works

Last Updated: Jul 4, 2013
Writing guest posts for other websites can still be an effective way to get tffic back to r own site, but the sttegy need to use has changed. Learn today’s rules of guest posting here.

have a website. want more people to know about r website. r website is getting lost in a sea of other websites. How do fix the problem?

Since the early days of the Internet, this problem is one site owners have tried to fix in a variety of ways. One of those ways is by guest posting on other websites. 

Some experts say that guest posting is a product of the early days of the Internet that no longer works but for those who submit guest posts using today’s rules, it’s still an effective way of gaining visibility.

The key is to construct a guest posting sttegy that takes into account the new rules of Internet content which on high quality and unique content. Here’s how to do it.

1) Identify Profit Blogs Remember the days when r website was just getting started and had maybe a handful of visitors each day? Still, probably received guest-posting requests from people. If we might be so bold, those people need a serious rethink of their sttegy.

The goal is to find blogs with enough tffic to justify submitting a post yet so big that the site owner will turn down. Look for sites with a Google page nk of at least 3. Sites higher than a 7 are likely to say yes to r request unless ’re a known expert in r field.

can check a site’s page nk by going to one of the y page nk tools found online. (Like this one.) can also go to to check the amount of tffic a site is receiving. The key is to find sites that have a reason amount of tffic.

Also, make sure the sites choose relate to r own. If ’re a tvel site, guest posting on a site about iPhones isn’t going to help r cause and because Google looks for relevant links back to r site, it may hurt .

2) Research before Emailing Sending a website owner a canned message asking for the opportunity to guest post isn’t going to net the response ’re looking for. Instead, read the site’s content, make some quality comments to some of the stories, and find a subject area that isn’t widely covered.

When send the request, r website name, credenls that make an expert, a possible guest post idea based on r research, and a delivery time fme. Assure them that the content will be 100 percent unique and of reason length.

3) Quality Counts This isn’t the time to throw something together and send it off. r guest posts should be some of r best work. First, every site owner knows that guest posts are often of very low quality. This will make them read r submission with highly skeptical .

Second, if the quality of r submission is high, they might ask to write aher post or write a piece regularly. If it’s a high page nk site, this will be a fruitful relationship for r site.

Don’t forget to include relevant links back to r website in the piece. Two or three should be enough. More than that, and risk it looking too much like spam. (Be sure to ask how y links can include.)

4) Comment on the Story After r guest post is live on the site, respond positively to comments, even if they are negative. Show the site owner that are interested in helping them as much as they are helping . Commenting may also produce itional links for r site.

5) Follow Up with the Site Owner When submit the story, thank the owner for the opportunity. A few weeks later, send them aher e, thanking them again and asking if the post geneted positive buzz.

Do it all rself

There are plenty of PR firms as well as individuals who want to take on this task for but if ’re a new site, do the work rself. If want to invest capital in guest posting, hire a high quality writer to create some eye-catching content. PR firms and others promising to get results for will likely do what can do rself: contact websites related to rs and request the opportunity to guest post.

Since the quality of the content is vitally important, put r dollars into the product and do the legwork on r own.


Guest posting only establishes as an expert, the links it builds back to r website create tffic and tffic creates sales. Most importantly, identify other sites large enough to be worth r time, create high quality content, and partner with the website owner to value to their site as they value to rs.

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