How to Build a Relationship with a Business Lawyer (Before You Need One)

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September 19, 2018

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2015
Choosing a lawyer for your business isn’t as simple as opening up yellow pages and picking one with best looking ad. And asking for legal advice when you’re in a pinch isn’t likely to gain you any popularity points with attorney friends. Here’s how to go about finding best lawyer for your business situation.

As a business owner or investor, you likely already know important role a lawyer can play in success of your ventures. Certainly, for those with multiple projects, it is essenl to have a legal advisor who is familiar with how layered business interests intersect and impact each or. What you may not realize is that best time to develop a relationship with a lawyer is before you actually need one.

Knowing several lawyers and building a relationship with m are two different things entirely. Savvy networkers understand that asking for advice from friends who happen to be lawyers is not same thing as building a relationship with a business lawyer. When you develop relationships with attorneys before hiring one, you expand your options and increase chances of choosing one who can best serve your needs.  If you already work with an attorney, maintaining meaningful connections with several will also make it easier to explore your options if you ever want to diversify dependence upon a single lawyer or law firm.

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Here, I provide 4 easy tips on how to create meaningful connections with business attorneys that will ve insight into ir practice areas, competence, scale, clientele and connections, and overall working style.

Use Your Online Social Network

Many lawyers and law firms have an online presence, at least by way of a website, and re you should easily find where to connect with ir social networking profiles. Wherever you regularly use a social networking site for yourself or your business—e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, About.Me—is an opportunity to follow business lawyers and practice groups. or follow company page on Google+ and LinkedIn. Follow an attorney or law firm on Twitter, like company page on Facebook, or connect directly with attorneys on LinkedIn. 

se social networking profiles represent an opportunity to have regular exposure to type of information distributed by m. You will likely also find information regarding or attorneys and firms with similar or complementary law practices, expanding your ability to find and build relationships.

Liking, ing, and following are only starting points, however. Useful connection involves using a system to save and organize helpful information, forwarding information to those who might find it useful, reing with commentary of your own, and commenting or replying directly. Be warned, however, that an attorney is unlikely to ve legal advice or ress highly specific situations on an online forum. gl here is not to receive advice, but to foster a of engagement that leads to informed decision-making on whom to hire when you need an attorney to represent or advise you.

Get Your Newsletter, Right Here!

Many lawyers and law firms offer a newsletter that can be easily subscribed to by email. Sign up! Newsletters are used to feature relevant content in a more substantive, impactful way. It is also an opportunity to read about a firm’s successes and extracurricular initives. Having yet anor item in your email inbox may seem like last thing you could possibly want, but subscribed newsletters often make it worth effort by providing exclusive content, advance notice on special events, and promotional offers.

Reviewing se need not consume too much of your time. Pick two to four newsletters to subscribe to, and n designate one hour each month to review m. It can even be scheduled as a recurring appointment in your calendar. That one hour each month is an investment into expanding your options and building a foundation of knowledge that will increase chances of choosing best lawyer or team of lawyers for accomplishing your business objectives.

Special Event: Take Note

Event pages, calendars and notices offer two unique ways of building a knowledge base regarding a business lawyer or practice group. First, this type of information indicates type of events believed to be useful to lawyer’s clientele. If you regularly see events that raise your interest or even directly ress issues relevant to you, n you have already established this person as a useful resource and point of reference. Second, this type of information likely includes events hosted or attended by attorney. Aside from program’s substantive value to you, here presents an opportunity to engage directly with attorney in person and in one-on-one conversation. Events allow you to meet, establish a rapport, and explore areas of mutual interest.

High Value Offers

key advantage here is value and timing. It is an opportunity to engage even more directly for relatively little financial expenditure compared to of individualized service. timing of se are advantageous be it comes before an issue or immediate need arises, ving you more control and more options.

Choosing a business lawyer can be a daunting and intimidating task. se four tips put you in a position to what a lawyer has to offer and how you two might work toger before needing to hire one. First, use your social media networks to gain regular exposure to what se attorneys do and who target market is. Second, sign up for email newsletters. Manage time by designating one hour each month to review m so that you can be regularly updated with exclusive content regarding ir practice and success stories. Third, pay attention to special events and attend events helpful to you, especially if it is hosted or attended by lawyers. Finally, take advantage of entry- offers that pack a high value. Following se steps will help set stage for knowing who to turn to in a time of need and increase chances of choosing someone whom you trust and with whom you have a rapport.

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