How To Become A Venture Capitalist

Written by Peter Tran

July 29, 2017

lot of busness grdutes re keen on becomng
venture capitalists
these dys.
Unfortuntely, there s no vlble for ll prospectve venture cpts
out there.

To become ful
venture capitalists
, ndvduls need gret del of chrsm
nd some luck. The entre VC ndustry depends on networkng of venture cpts.
Hstorclly, most venture cpts re sesoned executves lookng for creer
chnge or MBs wth severl of experence nd deep knowledge of specfc
ndustry. However, over the pst few most
venture capitalists
hve been recent
mngement grdutes who lnded themselves jobs n venture cptl frms.

venture capitalists
re nvolved n rnge of ctvtes ncludng evluton of
investment opportunities, fnncl nlyss, dentfcton of key res of rsks
nd opportuntes, ntercton wth clents, bnkers, dvsers nd mngement, del
executon nd fnncl modelng.

Venture capitalists
lso hve gret del of respondng to s nd vocs
to cre of. The reson for ths s tht the of the VC frm depends lot
on the chrsm nd networkng cpbltes of
venture capitalists

Venture capitalists
re often nvolved n meetngs wth entrepreneurs. Durng the
presentton of the busness , venture cpts need to nlyze whether the
busness s vble busness proposton or not. f necessry, venture cpts
my requre
to mke more detled study of the mrket.

Venture capitalists
tke long tme n decdng whch compnes they re gong
to nvest n. Some venture cpts speclze n fnncng only to technology
compnes. Venture cpts lso frequently tke role n overseeng the venture
t bord . They re vlble to provde nformton to new entrepreneur
tht cn mke the dfference tht enbles n de to become ful busness.
Venture cpts seek busnesses cpble of growng rpdly wthn short perod
of tme.
presentng ther busness s before venture cpts
need to be ble to demonstrte n dvntge n the chosen mrket.

To dentfy ful products, venture cptl frms usully employ
venture capitalists

tht hve outng busness mngement nd nlytcl . Ths s to ensure
tht venture cpts under the wde vrety of sectors nvolved re ble
to ccurtely ssess the rsks nd prospects of start-up ventures nd compnes
seekng to fund growth.



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