How to Become a Project Manager – Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience

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November 11, 2018

How to Become a Project Manager – Even If You don’t Have Any Experience do you know what steps can you take to become a Project Manager when you don’t have any experience? The approach I recommend is to use your current job as a launch pad to get your first project management assignment. To […]

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How to Become a Project Manager – Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience

Do you know what steps can you take to become a Project Manager when you don’t have any

The approach I recommend is to use your job as a launch pad to get your first project management

To do this, there are three areas you need to focus on…

When you first start thinking about becoming a Project Manager, your first priority is to excel in your
role. Doing this will demonstrate that you are ready to take on the additional responsibility of
leading a project.

To be a rockstar in your role, you first need to know what is expected of you in that role.
Your goal is to exceed those expectations.

Start by making sure you understand how your role is defined. At a minimum, you need to make sure you
are able to fulfill these requirements. Make sure you include informal requirements that may not be part
of your “official” job description.

Once you understand the role requirements, you want to make sure that you are clear on what the successful
accomplishment of each of those requirements looks like.

You can do this by answering the “Reporter’s s” for each requirement…

Now that you understand what is expected, the next step is to use a systematic approach to ensure you
exceed these requirements dayin and dayout.

Using a twostep planning process, you can make sure that every job requirement is fulfilled and, at the
same time, become the most effecte and producte person on your team.

Step : Plan Your Week

Every Sunday, identify the key deables you need to complete and any meetings you need to prepare
for during the upcoming week. Create an Action Plan for each of these items that specifies what you need
to do and when it needs to be done.

Step 2: Plan Your Day

Every night, create a plan for the next day. Review the Action Plans you created during your weekly
planning session and schedule time for any actions that need to be completed the next day. The key is to
be proacte instead of reacte.

Understanding what is expected of you in your role and then taking a proacte approach to
planning your week and your day will enable you to ROCK your role.

The second aspect you need to focus on to become a Project Manager is your leadership capacity.

Leadership is the art of motating and leading a group of people to accomplish a goal.

there are specific actions you need to take with yourself before you are ready to lead others, and this
is where you should focus your attention for now.

“No man is fit to command another that cannot command himself.”

– William Penn: No Cross, No Crown, 669

You can develop your leadership capacity by having a leader’s mindset and working on your
command presence.

Your mindset is the way you think about the world. It will determine how you see and approach the
tasks and actities you are involved in. You want to develop a mindset that will enable you to be an
effecte leader.

Three key aspects of a leader’s mindset are…

Ownership means that you accept responsibility and accountability for the outcome of a task.

Taking ownership of any task assigned to you is critical.

In practice, this means you are committed to completing the task successfully. This may mean working
extra hours, finding create solutions to problems that come up, and basically being willing to do
whatever it takes, within legal and ethical boundaries, to make the task successful.

Owning a task means that you will take the initiate for any actions needed to complete it. You will
be proacte about finding solutions to any issues that come up. You won’t take a waitandsee approach,
but will dre issues to resolution. It demonstrates that you are resultsoriented.

A sense of ownership is one of the most important internal traits of a successful Project Manager.

To lead means to show the way. And to be an effecte leader, you must have the selfdiscipline to lead
by example.

You need to have the selfdiscipline to model the behavior you expect from your project team and other

Consider the actions you consider important for the success of the project, then commit to ensuring
that you set the example that you expect from others. You must demand this level of selfdiscipline from
yourself before you can expect it from others.

Your attitude will determine the way you approach an assigned task.

When a challenging tasks lands on your desk, it is important to approach it with a
posite mental attitude. By framing a challenging task in a posite way, you will be able to achieve
what others consider impossible.

Instead of asking, “Why can’t this task be done?”, frame the task in a posite way by asking, “What is
it going to take to successfully complete this task?”

This simple change in attitude will enable you to find solutions where others see nothing but

Command presence is the way a leader presents himself to others. People will notice your command
presence before anything else. It is the basis of the first impression you make on others.

There are four aspects to command presence…

Within 5 seconds of seeing you for the first time, people will develop their first impression about you.
The first thing they will notice about you is how you look.

The way you look sends a very strong nonverbal message to others.

In general, you want to present yourself in a professional manner. This includes both the way you dress
and the way you groom yourself.

Presenting yourself in a professional manner will…

Once you have your appearance nailed down, the next thing people will notice is the way you carry

The key here is that you want to appear confident. You do this through your body language.

Some areas to focus on are…

Your goal at this stage is to exceed expectations for your role. You want to make sure your actions
reflect this goal.

Some actions you can take that show you are serious are…

People will see what you do, so make sure your actions build up your image and don’t tarnish it.
The actions you take should show you are a dependable and reliable person that others can count on and

What you say, when you say it, and how you say it all affect how others percee you. How you speak
can strengthen their confidence in you or weaken it.

When you speak, keep the following points in mind…

Communication is at the heart of project management. You won’t be able to lead effectely if you
can’t communicate well, so put some thought into how you speak.

The third aspect you need to focus on to become a Project Manager is building your project manager skills. These are the specific technical skills
that Project Managers have developed to help them complete projects successfully.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has d these skills into 0 knowledge areas…

As you can see, there is quite a bit of information that you will need to learn to be a successful Project Manager.

To make this manageable, I recommend a LearnandApply approach. Over time, this approach will
ensure you have the project management skills you need to lead your projects successfully.

When you are first learning about project management, it is important to get an overall understanding
of what is involved in leading a project. You want to get exposure to the full project management life cycle.

Start by taking a Project Management 0 course. This will provide you with a structured overview
of leading a project from start to finish.

Project Manager’s Resource

You should also get a good reference book to complement the course. I recommend “Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control: The Ultimate Hands-On Guide to Bringing Project in On Time and On Budget” by James P. Lewis.

Once you have a good grounding in the overall project management life cycle, skills, and processes,
you should start to broaden your exposure to the profession. The best way to do this is to join the Project Management Institute (PMI).

When you join the PMI, you will have access to PM Network. PM Network is the PMI’s
flagship publication for professional project managers. By reading this magazine, you will start to see
how project management is used across industries and across the globe.

In addition, by being a PMI member, you will also be able to participate in networking events with professional
Project Managers. Not only will you be able to learn from the firsthand experience of professional Project Managers, but one of them may have the perfect opportunity for you to get your foot in the door and become a project manager.

To really build your project management skills you will need to apply what you are learning about
project management to your daytoday job.

Start by determining how your organization implements project management and how your
role fits into that organization. If your organization uses projects or if your role is part of
a project, look for opportunities to apply what you are learning to your work.

Even if your organization doesn’t use projects, you can still apply what you learn by ing your
assignments as miniprojects. Start to use the knowledge you have gained to rock those assignments.

You can also look at how you can expand your role to take on more projectrelated
responsibilities. If you are part of a project organization, see what other aspects of projects you can
help with. If your organization doesn’t use formal project management techniques, you may be able to
lead your team in that direction.

This 3step approach can help you use your role to transition into a
project management er.

The key is to Take Action Now by…

If you take these actions you will be on your way to become a Project Manager.

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