How to Apply for a Credit Card With a $10,000 Limit in 5 Steps

The thought of having a credit card with a $10,000 limit is really empowering to some people. And can you blame them? Having a credit card with a credit limit of $10K means a lot of purchasing power. You could literally buy most of the things that make life worthwhile.

So how do you get such a credit card? What conditions must you meet to be approved? And what are some of the tips you can follow to keep that limit and perhaps even get more added to you? These are some of the questions we intend to answer in this article and we hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you would be completely satisfied and take the necessary steps to help you get a card with this kind of limit.

Before you get into any of the steps we have listed below, you have to know where you stand, in terms of credit rating. Obviously, if you are going to be approved for such a high credit limit, you would definitely need to have an excellent score.

Now if you have a credit card already and you are a good credit card holder, the company that issued your credit card might agree to raise your limit to $10,000 if you discuss the possibility with them. This is one way of getting this kind of credit limit. We simply do not know what you have to say to them since everybody’s situation is different. Besides, you would be the best person to do that so we leave that to you. Based on what you tell them and they knowing your credit behavior, they might decide to approve or deny your request.

However, if you simply want to make a new application for such a limit, here are 5 points you need to take note of if your application is to be approved.

1. Select a high limit credit card that will give you this kind of limit. This will usually be the Platinum or Gold version of the credit card. These usually come with a lot of benefits also such as cash back or airline miles and other bonuses. Get those with the most added benefits so that you can enjoy the card to the max.

2. As you may already have thought, you would need an excellent credit score to get a credit card with a limit of $10,000.00. So buy your credit score from myFICO.com. If it’s not excellent, get your credit report from the credit reference bureaus. You get this for free every year.

3. If there are any information on the report that is incorrect, dispute it. If the credit reference bureaus cannot verify the errors on your report, they would drop it. This will improve your chances of being approved for the $10,000.00

4. Within a period of 60 days, buy your credit report again to make sure that the negative reports have been removed. You want to make sure that every chance of helping you get approved is taken care of. Check your credit score again to know exactly where you stand.

5. When the road is finally cleared, fill your application and send it to the lender you have chosen. You can even fill and send the form via the Internet. The online application system may give an instant response. However, be aware that it may take several days before your application is approved given the limit of credit you are applying for.

And now we know you have what it takes to get approved for a such a card.

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