Mobile has become the frontier of the cutthroat business world these days. With people gradually getting more inclined towards their smartphones for doing every single simple and tedious task, businesses are making a paradigm shift. They are making their business more accessible, more engaging by entering into the mobile landscape. Penetrating the world of mCommerce landscape will help entrepreneurs explore a range of promising benefits.

Importance of mCommerce

Merchants are trying to optimise their business for smart devices as because mobile apps help them to reach customers at a greater speed because of its easy accessibility and wider user-connect.

  • Complete and 24/7 contact greatly help businesses to succeed in the competitive . Incredible features like one-click calling, live chats, catalogues, offers and help-desk in mobile applications help them to offer an enhanced shopping experience to customers. Users get the opportunity to get their desired information easily which, in turn, helps in increasing the conversion rate.
  • In-app payment feature offers a great opportunity to the customers for availing personalised and premium offerings along with attractive discounts. Users can make payments through Google Wallet (Android) and Apple Pay (iOS). Mobile has become a digital wallet, having a prepaid account which, gets debited with every single purchase. Thus, with better user experience, companies can get higher conversion rates.
  • Location-based notifications help businesses to gain more online traffic, more conversions and increased revenues.
  • Mobile-driven businesses can enhance user experiences by offering daily deals, optimising exclusive content and attractive personalised discount coupons. This, in turn, helps companies to attract new prospects as well as stay in touch with existing customers at the same time.

Some of the advanced adoptions including latest concepts, features and technology by mobile commerce entrepreneurs are:

Mobile Image Recognition (MIR)

MIR will work as a great tool for bridging the difference between the real and virtual world with the help of a snap. The MIR feature of the virtual world is as window shopping of the real world. Users can snap a product while being on the move such as while boarding a flight or in the street. Feed this snap into the MIR- app which, will recognise it and display deals offered by different retailers on the screen of your mobile phone.

Augmented Reality

Increasing number of online merchants will offer the feature of augmented reality in their mobile applications for offering an immersive and engaging experience to the users. Consumers can now try the products virtually on mobile screens and take pictures before buying them. This, in turn, will expand the market of interactive applications.

Apart from the aforesaid, personalised eCommerce and contents will also make their mark in the domain of mobile commerce. Thus, for the mobile-driven businesses, it has become highly important to stay updated as per the latest cutting- technologies.

Rob Stephen is a senior professional of Vision & Solutions, who is an expert in Android app development in Australia and stays updated to build trendsetting applications for clients.

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