How Does ’s Mission Statement Influence ?

’s Mission Statement states the following:

“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

Consistent with its mission statement, Facebook is all about providing the platform for people to share.

In the company’s earlier days, the question was how it could make money doing this, and the answer has been through leveraging the extensive and unique about the users of the platform. And that, it seems, is the key to identifying the that make most sense based on the mission statement.

Facebook will favor projects that further solidify it as the platform of choice for sharing – and that leverage the platform and data for revenue. I think this would include:

Consider that projects at Facebook may be relatively fluid, meaning that they may experiment with a lot of ideas and see what sticks. Hence, some seemingly good projects could fall by the wayside because the did not pan out as expected.

What do you think? What kinds of projects do you think align most closely with the Facebook’s mission statement, and which not?

How Does Facebook’s Mission Statement Influence Projects?

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