How AI, blockchain, and automation will reinvent accounting

The accounting profession sits on the cusp of unprecedented change. Transformative technologies such as automated data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain will reshape virtually every corner of the accounting world — changing the way CPAs work, whom they work with, where they do their jobs, and how they connect with clients and colleagues. The very nature of core services including tax and audit will evolve by leaps and bounds into something dramatically different. For CPAs to survive and thrive, they will need to learn — and unlearn — on a scale and at a pace that can seem overwhelming.

To help CPAs prepare, the JofA gathered three of the profession’s top technology experts for its annual accounting technology roundtable. The participants included:

The conversation, held in late January, is presented in two parts. The first part focuses on the radical changes emerging technologies will bring to accounting — and accountants — over the next 1–5 years. The second part continues that discussion and lays out what CPAs need to be doing now to prepare for the rapidly approaching new day in accounting.  

What you’ll learn in this podcast (part 1):

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