Every day, many people fall prey to home-based business “opportunities”
in which scammers successfully target hundreds of people. Their tactics often involve
“get rich quick” schemes and other seemingly believable employment opportunities.
There are 4 groups of people that seem to be inclined to these deceptive practices:

There are primarily two types of home based business scams that people may encounter
in newspaper ads, direct mail advertisements, and e-mail. Both schemes promise the
prospective victims to “make money fast” in the convenience of their
own home:

 The following are ten of the most common home-based business scams:

There are many legitimate home-based business opportunities available; however,
there are also some deceptive work-at-home scams found on internet message boards,
mail advertisements, and in newspapers and magazines. Many of these ads seem too
good to be true, and victims who respond to them end up losing their money, never
get paid, and work wasted hours on tasks that are worth nothing in the end. In order
to avoid being misled by work-at-home scams, one should always use common sense.
A reputable business will always provide customer references, their company’s
phone number and physical address, and never create high-pressured, deceptive sales
tactics towards their customers. It is extremely important to confirm a company’s
reputation with the Better Business Bureau if you have any doubt concerning a home-based


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