Hey Ladies

Democratic National Convention’s conditional celebration of a certain kind of woman

The rise of identity politics is so often representative of a down cycle in revolutionary politics, a kind of retreat from the outside world and a renewed inward focus.

Like most one-sentence statements about politics, this is a broad generalization, but it’s what I think about after I’m summarily rejected from the fifth ladies/womens/girls event in two and a half days at the Democratic National Convention due to overwhelming, unexpected popularity. Everyone is hella psyched on the supposed gentler gender, or at least they think they are.

I’m successful on my sixth try, and the Washington Post’s Women in Power panel starts like so many Women in Anything panels, as the moderator first asks the three participants — all white — to name the fictional television character with whom they most identify. Regretfully, and perhaps dishonestly, no one names Khaleesi.

The second question gets straight to the heart of the matter, and is delivered dripping with internalized misogyny and not a hint of vocal fry: What do we all think about how Hillary Clinton talks?

Nancy Pelosi’s interview is far less distressing. “‘Vote for Hillary’ because she’s a woman? It’s an enhancement but it’s not a reason to vote for her,” Pelosi tells the modest, day-drinking crowd.

Back at the convention center, despite their bro-ful reputation, many of Bernie Sanders’ strongest supporters at the DNC are women, which seems to confound the foreign press.

In fact, more than 60 percent of the convention delegates are women—

— but you wouldn’t know it from the available resources and facilities.

So yeah, sure, the future may be female, and this may be herstory, and Hillary Clinton may be the first major party candidate for president who is also a woman — and hell, she may even win. But like so many other women in power, she’s still saddled with a problematic man whose power and mistreatment of women came first.

Hey Ladies

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