Here are three ways to help develop the strength of your mental game.

Here are three ways to help develop the strength
of your mental game.

Prepper’s Will

We have the will to outlast everything!

Do you have enough strength to survive the next
coming crisis? This is the one thing you
should ask yourself right now. No
matter your age, situation, wealth status, etc. No doubt about it, this is a
heavy hitting question, not only for the prepper like you and I but for any being with a soul about him.
However, as preppers, we should take
the question with a particular sense of significance. 

You should have a pretty good idea of what you can handle if SHTF, while simultaneously continuing to make yourself stronger than before. There are a slew of ways to go about this.

To simplify things a bit,
this article will break it down into two main categories. There are an endless
amount of “sub-categories” that may, at times, overlap into both previously
mentioned groups.

Let’s start only
where we can with the beginning of everything, the Mind.

You can really
begin to increase your overall strength by starting in the mind. Your first, ultimate goal should be to fortify your
mind prior to SHTF by honing in on your
awareness, attention and intention: these
are the bulwarks of fortifying your mind.

Again, whether you are wanting to shape up your
mind for some future, unnamed crisis or simply attempting to deal with a health
problem, there is one thing that you can guarantee: tough times are
inescapable. This is when your mental toughness will be most tested.

Without sufficient mental strength, any
curveball that life throws at you will fill you with self-doubt, anxiety, fear,
distress and nervousness. Those negative,
uncomfortable feelings will lead to
negative thinking; which is a terrible state to be in when all hell breaks

Reason being, this negative thinking automatically affects your behavior. A negative anything will always bring a negative consequence, every time. Think about how that understanding (or lack thereof) can affect you in a crisis.

In order to
stay strong, and if need be, in order to
step up to the role of leader, one must manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviors with a keen eye. Taking care of this first, the other “powers”
of the mind may be unleashed with
relative ease. By being attentive of these three areas alone, you can begin to
emanate from your conflicts much stronger than before.

This is
key. This doesn’t mean, necessarily, that
you agree with the scenario; it simply means you acknowledge it from a
realistic perspective. This is key in
handling any of life’s situations. This
is the first step in deciding how to respond.

Accepting reality is all about recognizing what
is in your control. Obviously, many times
you can’t control the scenario, but what you can do is focus solely on
controlling yourself. You will be amazed at what this alone can do for you in

This acceptance of reality will automatically
help you manage your thoughts, and in turn, regulate your emotions (which lead
us into the second piece of advice…).

This boils
down to the decisions and choices that you make when you are faced with problems. How well you handle
this function will determine how quickly you will be able to find a solution.
Even in the face of problems that you can’t solve, you still must make choices
about how to respond.

Any unproductive behavior, such as whining and
moaning, will keep you in a negative vortex that can quickly lead to demise.
These behaviors (anything less than good) will rob you completely of your
mental strength.

Always ask yourself, just before taking action,
“What is the one thing I can do right now to help myself?” While maintaining control of your thoughts and
emotions, choose the best behavior that
you can muster and take action.

As you can see, the mind can be your greatest
tool or your sworn enemy; the choice is yours. If you fall victim to the smooth
lies of our negative thoughts, your own self-limiting beliefs will impede you
from achieving your topmost potentiality.

Thinking negative things, thinking “this will not work” or “that will never do” (as innocent as your deceptive negative thoughts can seem) will send you down the wrong split in the path. Take fair warning if your inner soliloquy (the chatter in your head) if it becomes a bit too gloomy or depressed. Simply thinking something does not make it true. Analyze these upsetting thoughts with attentive care.

It is important to keep aware of the choices you
are making at all times. This keeps the
psyche alert to the temptation of becoming a “wrongdoer”
instead of an enlightened, helpful, compassionate being, as we should all
strive to become during times of distress.

Once you have gotten a better grip on your
mental strength, you will see that other mind-given attributes will come with
more ease.

We have a constant need for awareness,
especially in times of distress; and being in tune with the functioning of your
mind, you will notice your awareness become keener. This awareness will reach
all aspects of your “new” perception. Your intentions, goals, and objectives
will not only become clearer but will
prove to be practical and useful as well.

For obvious reasons, while a crisis is happening
is not the best time to be attempting to build your mental strength; and
physical strength isn’t always going to cut it alone.

This is a
process that takes time, patience and strong will. Steadily building your
mind’s strength over time can ensure you have to fundamentals required for the
scenario you find yourself in. There are
surely going to be times when you will need all the mental strength you can possibly rally. It is of dire importance to
make mental strength exercise a daily habit.

As in many cases, in survival, brains come
before brawn. That being said, your
physical condition will also majorly affect how you do during any sort
of crisis.

Now, here it takes a strong mind to begin to
work on the body. It takes a mind that has overcome its bodies habitual excuses
of existence. Once that mind is prepared,
you can begin the physical, the body side of things.

Once you begin “training”, you will surely soon recognize the point in all the mind
training. It will take a strong psyche, a tough heart, and a superior will to
survive as well as a body that is fit and able in
order to survive any amount of time in a SHTF

General fitness includes a multitude of aspects.
In order to make it a bit easier to
tackle, let’s discuss four main attributes of physical training, how to support
them, and then where and how to continue from there. There are many more aspects
than four. However, these can be
considered the “big ones”:

Strength is your level of ability to produce a great deal of force in order to overcome a certain amount of resistance.

The ability to continuously exert a certain. Amount. Of force for an extended period of time.

Technically,  stamina could be considered a combination of both strength and endurance. Stamina is the ability to produce a moderate amount of force over a long period of time. This is not an action you are going to perform once or twice, but something that you are going to be doing for, say, eight hours.

This includes several things.  To simplify matters, we will. Define mobility as being. Able to securely move all of your joints through their full range of motion utilizing both strength and stability. Due to mass laziness, in today’s world, we collectively have absolutely terrible mobility. Mobility is potentially the most important aspect of fitness and can make daily life far easier.

These are the specifics that you can begin to
train; now you can start to put together a program or focus your activities to strengthen these areas. At minimum, you should attempt to train each of this aspect twice per week. These “training
sessions” need not be extravagant feats of muscle shredding power fitness…

Going for a long walk, or doing some pushups and
sit-ups, stretching for a spell; all of these take little effort but can produce, after some time, very
nice results. Or, if it is more up your alley, you can head straight to the
local gym and start slinging plates and dumbbells. It really all depends on where you are in your current level of

Here is one thing to note: when you are training
your physical body, keep in mind that you are training to be a more useful and
capable human being. NOT Mr.
Universe. When beginning your physical training as a prepper, your best bet is
to use the “natural” method of working out whenever it is possible.

Doing things like splitting and hauling wood or
hand digging post holes can be part of this method. It is a form of getting
exercise while synchronously doing an activity that is productive as well as
practical. Do things that require you to use physical effort while supporting chores
that must be done anyway.

Do work that will help you strengthen your back and beef up your legs etc. When going for a day hike, use a heavier pack. Use all the natural methods you can to help stimulate your body to adapt and be more proficient in dealing with new stress factors.

All that being
said, your number one concern when you finally get into “training”
should be to focus on your core. The core is where all of your action is produced.

Your first and foremost concern when finally
getting into “training” is to focus on your core. This is where all the other action stems from. No, this does not only refer to your abdominals, or, in
easier-to-understand terms: the ever-evasive six-pack.

The core is actually
made up of many layers and groups of muscles that work together. These muscles
keep your lumbar spine safe as well as provide a strong and stable structure in order to transfer your strength between the
upper and lower body. So while the abdominal muscles may be important to your
core strength, they are not the starts of the show.

Every move you make begins in your core. Take
away a stable core, and your body simply cannot suitably stabilize anything
else. The point is, even if you are cocked diesel with your cannon-sized arms,
with no core strength any other strength is mildly pointless.

The four general aspects of fitness mentioned above cannot be improved upon until the core is also strengthened (depending upon the exercise, this generally takes place simultaneously; unless, of course, you have developed none of them). From the hardened core, you will find, cultivation of strength, the enhancement of stamina, the increase of endurance, and the improvement of mobility.

As a prepper, your
focus should be keenly aimed at preparing yourself to become strong enough to be
useful to those around you in the times of a crisis. This means having your mind together, and your body fit and ready.

This is not
an overnight prep, nor is it a preparation that can be “bought”; it takes good
old fashioned hard work (as does anything worth its salt). The points mentioned
in this article are simply meant to assist you
in the beginning steps of making yourself strong.

The way to go about this will differ by individual and circumstance. No one knows you as you know you, so get out there and get started. The mind and body should be of the utmost priority in preparing for any crisis.

This article has been written by Jonathan Blaylock for Prepper’s Will.

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Funny you should say that I’m almost 70 had a knee replacement 7 months ago, then a few months ago early in the morning I see a post on facebook about a fire start on Camp Creek Road. The winds been blowing big time all night and I live way back in the forest. Can’t see down to Camp Creek Road even though it’s only 3 1/2 miles from me since I ‘m behind a mountain. So get in my Samurai and drive down the road get to Flea Mountain that overlooks the Feather River Canyon and looks like an Atomic bomb just went off. scared the crap out of me. drive down the road some more were I can see better. A 1/2 mile in front of me I see a giant blow torch across a Canyon 1 1/2 miles wide heading for the community of Concow below me. First thought was OMG they’re all going to be fired! haul ass back home to call my friends and warn them the first person that answered was frantic could tell it was already too late. You’ve probably heard what happened next. After burning down Concow it went to the good sized town of Paradise and wiped it out killing 85 people. I thought I’d be OK looked like the fire blew by but it didn’t it was slowly creeping towards me. And for the next two weeks until it rained I was surrounded on three sides by a slow moving fire

The best advice I have is what I did when Cal Fire finally arrived 3 days later I made sure they knew I was here since I’m the only one that lives up here. and I’d stop by the firebase several times a day to keep up with what was happening. When the fire was getting close I got them to send a dozer to cut fire break around my place. Then later that night as it was getting closer they sent 10 dozers up behind me and contained the fire that would have eventually got me. So my best advice is to let the fireman know you’re here and make friends with them. They saved my 10 years worth of building in the woods

When having achieved all of the above attributes of this commendable article, first practice taking a step back before actually taking a step forward in any real-life emergency situation. Regards

Problem with that is usually in real life these situations can happen all of a sudden, there is no time to take a step back, you do that and it’s already too late, just like the Camp Fire there was no warning, right or wrong you have to react now those that thought about it are now dead

I’m 53 and hit it 5 fats a week or more. That being said there will be days better than others. Do what you can on those. Stretch, yoga and other low intensity stuff.
Don’t let things get you down. We all have ups and downs but don’t let it hold you down.

Toughness is about 100 times more important than strength, but have no idea how you can train for it. Adversity builds character, guess you just have to have been lucky enough to have had a lot of challenges in life.

If there is time, respond, when there is no time react. “The Devil will be in the detail”. Regards







Here are three ways to help develop the strength
of your mental game.

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of your mental game.|A&C Accounting And Tax Services

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