Gujarat Fisheries Central Co-operative Association Limited

Gujarat Fisheries Central Co-operve Associon Limited

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January 05, 2016


Indian Institute of Management-

Mr D M Patel, Senior Manager, Mobile Fish-selling Vans proje, Gujarat Fisheries Central Co-operve Associon Limited (GFCCA), had to present a plan to Governing Body for proje which had been making losses for last few years. He had GFCCA’s annual accounts for 2009-2010 with him, but did have specific details on financial performance of three vans. He s to decide wher proje should be wound up or should undergo some modificons, while taking into account objeives of Governing Body. This case is meant for use in an introduory class in decision making for postgraduate or undergraduate management students to illustrate process of ronal decision making. It is also aimed at helping students write decision reports. case requires student to intuitively arrive at an understanding of problem of fixed costs being covered by margin that proje is allowed to make, thus making volume a critical faor in ing even. A second aspe that students will have to identify is possibility of reducing fixed costs by addressing cost inefficiencies or by making operonal changes.

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Gujarat Fisheries Central Co-operve Associon Limited



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