Growth Of The Home Business – Home based Business

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Given the immense growth of the real estate market over the past few years, there
are a lot of new businesses associated with homes. Home designing businesses are
becoming increasingly popular. One of the largest growing new businesses is Interior
Design. According to recent studies, there are around 60,000 interior designers
in the United States, more than two-thirds of them are self employed.

One of the best new business ideas in the home design area is interior redesign.
This business is only for an entrepreneur who likes interior designing and is good
at putting things together. An entrepreneur in the business of interior redesign
should be good at mixing colors and textures. Although, the concept of interior
redesign has been around for several years, it has only now caught on as new concept

The business of being a professional organizer is also a relatively new. Professional
organizers cut through the clutter in people’s homes and businesses to help them
live simpler, more organized lives. There are not too many people in this new concept
business at the moment. However this industry does look poised for growth. Another
new concept business that is beginning to pick up is the business of restoration
and preservation. An entrepreneur engaged in this business does need to know conservation
techniques as well as the basics of carpentry, masonry and electrical wiring.

An entrepreneur engaged in this new concept business could also specialize in one
area of restoration such as restoration of Victorian furniture or vintage paintings.
Another relatively new business concept that is picking up is the faux painting.
This involves painters applying decorative finishes to walls, ceilings, floors,
furniture and accessories.

The advantage of a new concept business that can be operated from home is that it
keeps the overheads low. In addition, an entrepreneur of this business does not
have to worry about the cost of renting or buying a property. Finding seed capital
for a new concept business may be harder than traditional businesses. An entrepreneur
of a small business could apply to the Small Business Administration for funds and
micro loans. Sometimes, finds from family and friends is sufficient to open a new
home business.


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