Government lockdowns are being used to usher in total slavery, segregation and discrimination via Vaccine Passports

CNN revealed the sinister plot behind the government’s continuous lock down policies. The tyrannical, controlling intent behind government lockdowns was revealed for all to see in a recent broadcast that featured disgraced anchor, Chris Cuomo, and former Planned Parenthood president, Dr. Leana Wen.

“We need to make it clear to them (Americans) that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life,” said Wen. “And the window to do that is really narrowing. You were mentioning about how all these states are reopening. They’re reopening at 100%.”

“We have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status,” she continued. “Because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what’s the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?” Vaccine Passports were the secret plan all along.

The government lock downs are part of a plan to terrorize and coerce people to give up their body autonomy and critical thinking skills, so the vaccine and tech industry can enforce bodily requirements on all people and set up a surveillance system as a prerequisite to “freedom.” These surveillance systems will enslave the world to vaccine permission scans, DNA surveillance and medical mandates, while segregating and isolating anyone who doesn’t follow along. The ongoing tyranny of lockdowns and medical edicts is simply a behavioral training program that coerces people to seek permission for their freedom and live in fear of false authorities.

These Vaccine Passports train everyone to give up their inherent freedoms, forcing people to seek permission from false authorities in order to gather, travel, buy, sell and participate in democracy. Freedom will be completely forgotten if this system is put in place. Medical fascists and central planners have been plotting to control people’s lives for years, and they are joining forces with big tech, corporations and big government policy makers to accomplish their goals.

Back in December 2020, these vaccine passport systems were already in the advanced stages of development in the United Kingdom. The London Guardian Today documented several accounts in 2020 where health ministers lied to the public about the existence of Vaccine Passports. Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove told the public there were no plans to issue “vaccination passports” that would require people to inoculate in order to enter bars, restaurants and other venues. Now, UK vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi is coming clean about the “track and trace” app by the NHS, which information on vaccine status and applies it to government lock down policy. The UK’s vaccine passport infrastructure includes facial recognition scans that tie bio-metrics and vaccine status together to restrict and control people throughout society.

A Swiss-based consulting firm, Zühlke Engineering, got involved with the NHS track and tracing app on December 17, 2020. The Guardian leaked the plan, which “details research into possible public attitudes to a Covid certificate, sometimes called a domestic Covid passport.” This passport system “would use vaccination status, a recent negative Covid test or proof of coronavirus antibodies to allow people into potentially packed places when the country opens up.”

The covid-19 testing requirements were one of the first steps toward implementing these totalitarian passports. These DNA-swabbing mandates slowly trained individuals to give up their rights, brainwashing them to believe that they are guilty subjects who have to prove their innocence in order to travel. The abusive swabbing of healthy people is now being replaced by vaccine requirements.

The app-based covid certificates include QR codes that are connected to the NHS app. These QR codes are used to grant vaccine-compliant people exclusive access to certain venues. The official Covid pass is a digital ID card that essentially creates a two-tiered society that discriminates and segregates against innocent people, stripping them of due process, accusing them of spreading diseases they do not have, and barring them from the rest of society. In nations governed by the rule of law, this Vaccine Passport should be dead on arrival because it violates the medical privacy of individuals upfront and turns people into property, subject to bodily requirements. Vaccine passports, once considered a conspiracy theory, are now being pushed onto people as a mark of the beast system.

The British government contracted with multiple firms last year to develop Covid “freedom passports.” When Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested that pubs would be able to use the vaccine passes at their discretion, backlash quickly ensued. Boris appeared generous when he threw a bone to the people and announced that pubs and restaurants would be exempt from the requirements. The Vaccine Passport is being sold to the public in its most draconian form, so that populations can be slowly weakened into accepting bits and pieces of its oppression. The deceit and oppression of the Vaccine Passport is the kind of attack on freedom that warrants tribunals and quite possibly, a new world war.

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A new World War over Vax Passports? Who vs who? After all you lot (West) are the bad guys.

Last year if you said vaccine passports are coming you were branded a conspiracy theorist. Now you branded a conspiracy theory if you doubt it’s a bad idea.

These people have an even narrow window of opportunity to leave this country.

“Finland Withdraws COVID Measures After Law Committee Deems Them Unconstitutional” [April 3, 2021]

“You can see it all over social media if you know where to look, but one common theme throughout this pandemic has been the mass protesting all over the the world in every single country that is imposing covid restrictions on their citizens. It’s something that mainstream media continues to avoid, but one thing is for certain, many people disagree with the measures being taken to combat the virus.
What Happened: A Belgian court recently ruled that the current COVID-19 measures being deployed don’t have a sound legal basis. The Belgian State has 30 days to lift restrictions or face fines. After this, the Finnish government withdrew its proposal to impose lockdown measures on their citizens by confining them to their homes unless they need to access essential services. Prime Minister Sanna Marin (pictured above) shared the news on Wednesday after a statement from a constitutional law committee deemed the proposal for lockdown vague and not in compliance with the constitution.”

“Chinese-produced animated movie introduced American kids to the idea of a fearful virus, masks and life-saving vaccine — back in 2016”

“We have previously examined the army of “consultants” who have infiltrated our public schools, turning them into centers for indoctrination and hatred against those holding fast to the traditional Christian faith.

But the indoctrination of our youth is not only happening in schools.

Truth is, our children have been targeted for mind-control outside of the classroom as much as inside.

Hollywood is perhaps the biggest culprit.”
“The PG-rated movie, marketed under the “kids and family” genre, seems innocent on the surface.”

[Flanders]: This is a longer well-written article. A small segment from the movie script is described below. The article has it much more complete than this, and with a video trailer:

“But if you submit to the shots and do what the government tells you to do, you will be loved and accepted as one of the world’s virtuous ones.

Scott then informs his boss that “every animal I’ve come across now has a GPS locater, which means now we can track them, using this,” he says, pointing to a computer screen and a GPS tracking device attached to Bobby’s arm.”
“In December 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices issued a report authored by 15 scientists that falsely claimed a Pfizer study had proven the vaccine was highly effective for people who’d already had coronavirus — yet when Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) confronted the CDC with studies that clearly showed no benefit to people who previously had coronavirus, the CDC continued promoting the lie anyway:”

George Soros is a ranking member of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR].

The CFR is a secretive coalition between the Jewish B’nai Brith (considered as at the top-teir of world Freemasonry), US Freemason’s themselves, US Government officials and lobbyists, and many Global Multi-Corporate leaders and executives.

In 2006, Soros expanded the CFR. (((Soros))) went to Europe and personally set up the European Council on Foreign Relations. A large number of European Union officials and personages have since become active members of the ECFR.
“Dystopian Nightmare as European Court of Human Rights Rules Mandatory Vaccination is Legal” [April 9, 2021]

“George Soros Controls the EU’s Court of Human Rights, They Admit It Themselves”

come om everybody! more of us than them ! REVOLUTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The evil kosher maggots who have control of the world are masters at propaganda and brainwashing.

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Government lockdowns are being used to usher in total slavery, segregation and discrimination via Vaccine Passports

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