Google Adsense

AdSense is a fast and easy way for website owners to earn an income by placing ads on ir website. Website owners (Website publishers) make money eir on a per-click or per-impression bs, that is, eir when a visitor clicks on AdSense ad or when an AdSense ad is displayed.

Here are a few reasons that make AdSense more popular ads program among website owners over typical banner ad programs.

1. ads are provided by Adwords with its own search technology based on website content. This means ads are relevant to content, and visitors will be less offended by advertisements.

2. It’s easy to set up and implement. It provides decent tools to track campaigns and to report statics. It’s an ideal tool for beginner publishers to learn online advertisement.

3. payment system is reliable and trustworthy. It has paid for hunds of thousands of website owners over years.

4. It esn’t require minimum traffic to start. It can be difficult to find banner programs or advertisement programs when n’t have a lot of traffic yet. AdSense esn’t have that limitation.

5. While program provides enough tools and features to some experiments, can leave as it is if want. AdSense takes a lot of maintenance work away from and can concentrate on writing more content.

6. It provides multiple ad formats such as text, image, video (recently added), search box and referral ads.