Go Blog Yourself Step 8: Do It Right and Do It Again

Go Blog Yourself Step 8: Do It Right and Do It Again


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Each blog post you write should leave your readers fully ssfied. Like sex, a good meal or ev a good TV show, each blog post must be ough to leave people happy but wanting more at that same time. While every performance may not be better than the last, you have to leave the expecton that the next performance will be at least just as good.

Developing a good blog isn’t about being a one-hit wonder. If all you have in you is one post th you’re better off guest-blogging for someone else, instead of trying to build a blog of your own. But if you want to develop your own blog with your own following th you’ve got to be able to deliver the goods on a regular basis.

So how do you make sure that each performance reaches it’s maximum pottial? Start with the basics:

Proof and rewrite

Proof reading and rewriting is not to be undervalued. I n read something I’ve writt a doz times and each time an error or a better way to word things. Of course a doz times may be overkill, but each piece should have at least one or more reviews before being published.

Don’t be a afraid to rewrite sections of your blog post if needed. I’ve found that if you write a post and give yourself a space of three or four ys, or ev a week or two, wh you come back to review it you’ll have a whole new fresh perspective. As you proof for errors you n rewrite substantial portions, either adding or deleting contt as needed to make it ev better.

Integrate keywords

Since you are writing not just for readers but to get atttion with the search gines you need to review your keyword usage. For the most part, using keywords should be a natural part of the topic you know so much about. Many times the research you perform will give you ev more ts that are not a natural part of your vobulary, but are for your visitors. Going back and re-editing your post to add these keywords n be highly beficial in targeting your audice better.

No stuffing

Be consistt in your keyword usage without overusing the words. Make sure they in your contt properly and you use them in headings, image alt tags and throughout the body contt. Just be sure you keep it natural.

Wh you’re done writing, if you are unsure if you’ve used your keywords too frequtly, go back and read your post out loud. If it sounds funny to you it’ll read funny to your visitors. Keyword usage isn’t about getting keywords in everywhere you n, but using them in all the right places that it makes sse.

Need, Value, Desire

And don’t forget to re-iterate the need, value and desire. Each post needs to come back to these three things. You keep providing that, you’ll continue to bring readers back while getting new readers each month.

Everybody has one great blog post in them. Fortunately, not every post has to be super-utterly fantastic. But you do need to be able to write good contt on a consistt basis that keeps your readers coming back for more. If you do the first one right, follow it up with another done right. And th another. You don’t have to post every y, a couple times a week is fine. Take the extra time you need to write good contt that sures reader ssfaction and keeps coming back for more of the same.

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Sound advice. I always try to write and rewrite my articles/blogs a couple of times. It’s true that it changes every time you read it. proof reading is great, it gets you to “perfect” what you’ve writt.

Yeah your right Nate Holland by rewriting the article and after the rewrite article you n see that this article is unique.. Good advice folk…

Need value and desire have to be by far the 3 most important words in blogging. Not every post will fulfill the needs and desires of each reader however over time by being relevant to a certain subject/theme will keep readers coming back.

Great series of steps.


Great Advice! I always wished to write some healthy blog, I believe the informon would be really useful fro me any other blog thusiasts.
Ricky Miller
Project Manager
ta Recovery Software

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