How well does your blog rank on Google? Most bloggers would like to have their postings top-ranked in the Google search result pages.

Here are some essential tips to get you blogs top-ranked on Google.

– Choose a blog platform that can be easily extensible and have a lot of featured plug-ins. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software these days. It’s an open-source platform that people fix bugs and add new features and plug-ins every day.

– Add FeedBurner to manager RSS feeds and email subscription as how many regular readers your blog has seems a significant factor when Google determines the ranking.

– Use social networking sites to broadcast your new postings such as MyBlogLog, Facebook, BlogCatalog, Technorati and more.

– Sign up Google Analytics and sync up Google Sitemap plug-in. Google Analytics is a great tool that’s free and efficient to keep track of visitors, search queries, bounce rate and more.

– Use tags and categories for your postings. Make sure tags and categories include keywords that you’d like to promote.

– It’s not guaranteed, but try to submit your blogs to free web directories such as Dmoz.

– Respond to comments. It shows that you’re a human who shares similar issues or opinion. Sometimes it can be necessary to respond to the comments especially when visitors’ comments go other direction that that you intended to. Jump in and “guide” them in the way that you originally wanted. Also, it’s a polite thing that you respond to users’ comments.

– Consider adding ads such as Google AdSense or individual affiliate ads only when you have established a good amount of traffic amount. When using affiliate ads, carefully select which ads to promote. They should be relevant to the content of your postings.

– Cross link within your postings using the keywords. Related or similar postings can be helpful in reducing visitors’ bounce rate.

– Be natural. The time to post a new article doesn’t have to be the same every time. Actually it looks suspicious as a cron activity.

Most importantly, keep blogging. Write an intriguing and unique content. Build credibility by showing your expertise in the postings.

Technologies behind Google ranking of your blogs

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