Fundamentals of Prepping Video

Fundamentals of Prepping Video

Prepping is short for disaster preparedness.  Preppers are highly intelligent people who understand and recognize that disasters happen on a regular basis all around the world and they try to do what they can to be ready when something strikes in their area. Prepping is all about risk & crisis management.  Preppers understand that the people who are well prepared for the disaster; are usually the people who fare well through the situation, and are in a better place to be able to help others get through the tough time.  Those who were unprepared took the gamble that it wouldn’t happen to them and they lost.  In many cases they loose big and it takes years to recover.  In general preppers are people who strive to be as self reliant as possible.  They do not want to have to rely on their neighbors generosity or government handouts in a crisis.  In fact, preppers would prefer to be the people in the neighborhood who are able to help their neighbors out when bad things happen.

Within the prepper community it is quite common for most people to hold the view that there are essentially three basic types of people in the world. The first and most common are the sheep.  Sheep are the unprepared masses.  People who generally keep their head down, go to work, pay their taxes and work hard, but generally don’t pay attention to much. They generally follow orders and try not to make waves.  The second type of people in the world are Wolves.  Wolves are the takers, predators, criminals and just all around bad people who love to take advantage of the sheep.  There are a lot less wolves out there than sheep.  I estimate them to be about 1 in 100.  But a determined wolf or a small pack of wolves can do a lot of damage and cause plenty of Chaos against those who are unprepared and untrained to deal with them.  Then there are the third type of people the sheep dogs.  As a general rule most preppers fall into the sheep dog category.  Sheep dogs are the protectors. They are the people who are willing to stand in between the sheep and the wolf to keep the wolves at bay and if necessary fight with the wolves. I estimate that the sheep dogs are the smallest of the three groups and probably number about 1 in 1000.

Prepping is generally centered around three equal tenants.  Knowledge, equipment and experience.  A good prepper will do their best to try and balance these three things in each category of prepping.  Doing that will help them to be very well prepared and will help them be able to maintain a very self reliant lifestyle.  Preppers also generally attempt to favor the concepts of redundancy and multiplicity of use.  Meaning that they recognize it is important to have backups for your backups.  Additionally preppers do their best to utilize items that are not only helpful in a disaster but also helpful even with there is no disaster.

So what is it that Preppers are preparing for you might ask? In general terms preppers start with preparing for high probability disasters that routinely occur in their area.  For example if they live in Florida, then they start by getting prepared to deal with hurricanes.  If they live in California then they might begin with preparing for earthquakes or forest fires, or both.  If they live in northern tier states then they might prepare for major snow or ice storms that can leave them stuck in their home without power for weeks on end.  And all preppers should also prepare for things like house fires, economic recession or depressions, job loss, being the victim of a violent crime, etc. Things that can and do happen to people all over no matter where they live. Many preppers often say that we are just trying to live a common sense lifestyle similar to what our grandparents (many of which who lived through the great depression) lived.

Once a prepper has done a really good job getting ready for those high probability / low impact regional events then they might begin to prepare for the more low probability / high impact type events.  These events could be a wide variety of things so I will just name a few here.  Cyber attacks that knock the entire power grid down, high altitude nuclear detonation that causes an electromagnetic pulse that is capable of frying the entire electrical grid for many years, or perhaps a major asteroid strike, or the Yellowstone volcano erupting, etc, etc.  Basically any major disaster that would effect the country on a nationwide scale and that would not be easily recovered from like a smaller regional disaster like a hurricane, flood or tornado.

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In this section we will talk about a number of different categories or subsets of prepping in general.  I will just provide a brief description of each but you should remember that a good prepper will do their best to have knowledge, equipment and experience for each area listed below.  Or at least they will be working towards those goals as they have the time and money to do so.  These items are not necessarily listed in any particular order because any one of these items could be critical at some point depending on the situation you are facing at a given time.

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Fundamentals of Prepping Video

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