Development Tools

W3C HTML Validation
This tool validates HTML web pages for compliance with W3C HTML Recommendations and standards.

Link Checker
Improve the quality of your website by finding and fixing broken links.

Validate robots.txt
This tool analyzes the syntax of your robots.txt file. Learn more about robots.txt.

Meta Tag Generator

HTML Special Characters

Design Tools

Button Generator
This tool will generate customized buttons or navigation menus. You can choose pattern of the button, color and font. It shows your customized images on the site and you can just save them to your PC.

CSS Rounded Corner and Gradient Generator
This tool generates a box with rounded corners with gradient using CSS. The tool creates four images files and HTML and CSS codes.

Check browser comparability
This tool makes bulk screen-shots of your website in different browsers. Check how your website looks in different browsers and their versions.

Website Safe Color Palette

Security Tools

Scan your website to insure that your server and site provide maximum security. It is said that having the Hacker Safe logo on the web site changes conversion rate significantly.

Website Security Report
Check your website security with this free tool. The report provides security information such as vulnerabilities, user access, remote access, and software holes. Annual membership costs $99 per year as of 2008.

Other Tools

Reverse DNS Lookup
Reverse DNS Lookup tool converts an IP address to its host name. With domain name registrar and registry information, this tool is useful in identifying the domain name of any spammers or computers trying to break into your firewall.

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