Free Fishbone Diagram Template

this FREE Fishbone Diagram Template to help with your problem solving.

This type of cause and effe diagram is one of the more useful proje management tools and techniques.

These proje planning tools are also known as Fishbone Charts or Ishikawa Diagrams. They are used
for problem solving and brainstorming. They help identify root causes so that appropriate aions can be taken.

This page will specific instruions on how to fill out my fish bone diagram template. If you need more
information, check out my Fishbone Diagram page.

To get started, make sure you’ve ed the template. Just click on the image below to .

A few notes about the template…

Step 1: Fill in your problem statement. This is the last cell in
the User Entered Data column (yes, all the way at the bottom).

Step 2: Fill in each of the Major Cause Categories.

Step 3: Fill in each Cause for all of the Major Cause Categories.

Step 4: Fill in any Sub-Causes (i.e. Secondary Causes) for each Cause.

Step 5: Print your Fish Bone Diagram!

That’s A fully formatted fishbone chart in 5 easy steps!

If you haven’t done so already, your own copy of my FREE Fishbone Diagram Template now…

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