Food Stamp “Glitches” and a Sign of Things to Come

Food Stamp “Glitches” and a Sign of Things to Come

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Recent food stamp “glitches” made it exceedingly clear even to those with their heads planted deeply in the sand that society is a hot mess that’s just one problem away from a complete breakdown. One of the glitches, according to CBS, was due to a computer system upgrade. Temporarily the federal EBT website had been shut down and cards stopped working, but people were told to try again later in the day. Evidently, that wasn’t a good enough answer. As… Read More »

A natural disaster can disable our debit and credit card infrastructure, preventing you from purchasing basic necessities for day-to-day survival. The continued inflation and manipulation of our currency will eventually devalue the dollar to the point of worthlessness just as we’ve seen in countless countries over the last few years. And in a world of ever-increasing and unwarranted surveillance, you may want to keep the details of your finances away from the watchful eyes of the government. In each of… Read More »

I am one–hundred percent convinced that a dramatic and negative change in our economy will happen very soon. Quantitative easing, over-inflated home and student loans, and a stock market built on nothing but hopes and dreams are certain to bring a collapse of the U.S. economy. We’ve watched inflation continue to climb, seen the stock market repeatedly crash, and stood by as the housing bubble decimated our economy. Those in government and other positions of power made the decisions that… Read More »

The value of the U.S. Dollar is falling faster than Felix Baumgartner; you can see clear proof of this in, among other things, the price of gold. While gold prices had remained fairly steady for more than 200 years, they’ve been climbing much more rapidly since the mid-70s, and in 2010, they shot through the roof. In 1950, you could have bought an ounce of gold for a mere $40; today, that same ounce of gold would cost a staggaring… Read More »

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Food Stamp “Glitches” and a Sign of Things to Come

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