W3C, World Wde Web Consortum, provdes by whch webstes should be struu. t s beleved that a webste n complance wth W3C s easer for search ennes to nterpret because the nformaton of web pages s well-organzed and easly accessble. Ths wll have postve effes on search enne result pages.

Other advantages
– W3C Complance s user accessblty for varous devces, PCs, cell and PDAs.
– W3C Complance s user accessblty for varous browsers, versons, and resolutons.
– W3C Complance s user accessblty for the dsabled.

How do make my ste comply to W3C ?

Suggested Tool:

Web Developer extenson for FreFox

nstall the FreFox browser frst and then nstall the Web Developer extenson. You can run valdaton tests for HTML, , Lnks, XHTML and so on. Ths tool provdes nformaton about the causes of the errors and the W3C lnks for solutons as well as a lst of errors. To use FreFox valdaton, smply clck on Tools from the developer toolbar.

– Run valdaton frst because errors are easer to fx when you W3C errors.
– Run HTML valdaton, startng wth the ndex page. f your ste s dynamc, most lkely you need to corre the ndex fle and other templates. f your ste has numerous statc web pages, you can use an HTML edtor to fx errors for multple fles at a tme.
– Run other valdaton and follow the suggested lnks to resolve any errors.

Complance to W3C standards doesn’t guarantee search enne rankngs as there s no such mac soluton n the search enne world. But every lttle counts and followng W3C s defntely a helpful n gettng good search enne rankngs.


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