First Five Things For All New Preppers Video

Making a declarative statement like “this is the first 5 things all new preppers should buy” is kind of controversial.  It is controversial because everyone’s situation, geography, financial status, etc is different.  So when I was coming up with this list I tried to taken into as many variables as I could. But inevitably I cannot foresee everyone’s circumstances. So if the items that I lay out in this video don’t work well for your situation feel free to adjust the items in your own list as needed.  Checkout the video below to see the first 5 things I recommend for new preppers.

Some additional caveats are that I did not put in smaller items that I figured the average home would already have on hand.  This list focuses primarily on bigger items that most non-preppers probably do not have on hand in their homes. Also I did not include EDC items, or smaller items like knives, fire starters, duct, tape, cordage, etc.  As stated this is for the bigger items. I tried to focus about 80% on items that could primarily be used in a Bug In situation and about 20% on items that could be used in a Bug Out situation. As I tend to think that in about 80% of situations I can foresee I would try to Bug In and conversely there are only about 20% of situations I could think of that I would actually Bug Out of my home.

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To see the 2nd Five Things That New Preppers Should Buy Click here.


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First Five Things For All New Preppers Video

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