Fast Five Quiz: Vitamin D

Fast Fve Quz: Vtamn D

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Romesh Khardor, , PhD

July 21, 2020

Vtamn D s a vtamn obtaned from sun exposure, a few foods, and many detary . n proper amounts, vtamn D plays a role n the preventon of osteomalaca and osteopoross n adults and rckets n chldren. Vtamn D defcency can result from nadequate exposure to sunlght, malabsorpton, and accelerated catabolsm from certan medcons. 

Vtamn D suppleton has been suggested to have a role n the treatt and preventon of varous condtons, although research s stll ongong. Are you famlar wth key aspes of vtamn D defcency, as well as gudelnes for proper ntake and condtons related to the defcency? Test your knowledge wth ths short quz.

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Cte ths: Romesh Khardor. Fast Fve Quz: Vtamn D – Medscape – Jul 21, 2020.

Professor of Endocrnology; Dreor, Tranng Program, Dvson of Endocrnology, Dabetes and Metabolsm, Streltz Dabetes and Endocrne s nsttute, Departt of nternal Medcne, Eastern Vrgna Medcal School, Norfolk, Vrgna

Dsclosure: Romesh Khardor, , PhD, has dsclosed no relevant fnancal relonshps.

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Fast Fve Quz: Vtamn D