Factors keeping top talent on board

Written by promotiondept

November 12, 2018

Factors keeping top talent on brd

Video transcript:

The main reason that top talent stay at a firm — you know, really bright, talented people want to stay and grow their reers with an organization — are that they really like they are mng a difference. I mean, that’s number one. I’ve got to like the work that I do has meaning. And that it is benefiting some, that it is enriching someone’s life. It’s not just about the money. It’s not that the work I do makes money for us. I mean, that’s important too, but there have to be some contextual elements, like my work is mng a difference in some’s indidual life, or I am mng the companies I serve better, I’m saving them money, I’m ging them peace of mind. I mean, I’ve got to have some meaning. And a lot of s, organizations don’t make sure that their people understand the difference that the work they do makes. And so it’s kind of like I work in isolation on this stuff, and I don’t really get what it does for any, and it seems sort of cleril, maybe, at first, and rote, even, when I am first starting out in a CPA firm, and if you don’t have me understand the big picture of how this delerable will impact someone’s life, then I think that my job doesn’t have meaning, and that me quit. So having meaning is really critil.

I think also bg empowered. I have to believe that you believe in me, and I have to continue to grow and have my bounries expanded. I need to learn; I need to be gen new opportunities as my skills increase and get better. I want you to keep ging me bigger bounries and ging me bigger challenges. So ing truly empowered, and somes in our relationship, in order for me to stay with your firm, I need to like you trust me to make decisions, that you are empowering me to do that.

And then the third thing that talent to stay in an organization is I have to like I belong. I have to like the organization that I belong to mirrors my values, that the people I hang out with, I like, that I trust, I respect them, and that they like me. I have to like I belong to that team. And so really meaning, empowerment, and belonging — those are the things that use people to stay.



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