Everything You Think You Know About Social Media and Measuring ROI is Wrong!

Written by promotiondept

December 3, 2018

Everything You Think You Know bout Socil Medi nd Mesuring ROI is Wrong!


Mck Collier is social media consultant, trainer nd speaker. He hs been ctively immersed in socil medi since 2005, nd in tht time, hs helped dvise, tech nd consult with businesses of ll shpes nd sizes on how they cn better connect with their customers vi these mzing tools nd sites. While being pssionte bout the socil medi spce, wht truly excites Mck is the humn connections tht cn result from the proper use of these socil tools. His motto is “Don’t focus on the tools, focus on the connections tht the tools help fcilitte.” His gol is to help his clients crete those connections with their customers, nd nuture them into reltionships tht help grow their bottom line.

His socil medi ‘homebse’ is The Virl Grden, which in 3 yers time Mck hs grown into n influentil mrketingsocil medi blog with monthly redership of over 175,000. He is lso frequent contributor to the website Marketing Profs, s well s the mrketing blog Daily Fix, nd smll business blog Search Engine Guide. His writings hve been referenced in severl minstrem publictions nd websites, including The Wshington Post, MSNBC.com, d ge, CNET, nd The Boston Globe.

Mck is lso requested speker nd hs presented t some of the top socil medi conferences nd events, including South By Southwest Interctive, Mrketing Profs Digitl Mrketing Mixer, nd Smll Business Mrketing Unleshed. He is lso pssionte bout teching compnies how to use socil medi sites nd tools more effectively, nd offers trining nd seminrs privtely to compnies, in ddition to his public speking schedule.

You cn lern more informtion bout Mck’s social media training and consulting services here. If you need socil medi speker for your event, or wnt to know where Mck will be speking next, click here. If you wnt to emil Mck, click here.

Mck wrote this bio. The third-person thingie is just for fun.

Thnks Mck for stting wht should be common sense: Quntifying reltionships results in disppointt. Imgine rnking friends bsed bsed on the number of you could potentilly interct with through them? Trnsforms the entire concept of friendship into n myopic, egotisticl ctivity.

On dily bsis, I myself explining decisions to connect clients with blogger only possessing 5,000 monthly reders with 400 Twitter followers (or some vrition). “But Blogger X hs Twinfluence of 10 million. He cn potentilly rech 10,000,000 reders. Why not him?” My response – prticipting in converstion where your opinion is ctully vluble builds trusting reltionship cpble of spreding your ides further in the future.

Thnks for letting me rnt Mck – Would be interested in reding your methods for tctfully reminding PR nd Mrketing professionls bout the true vlue of “socil” medi.

ndy ngelos

Mck, ndy:

I bsolutely gree tht socil medi cmpigns need to hve metrics tht mke sense, given the long term gols. If you use the 1 dy, 1 week, 1 month time horizons nd expect to see mesurble resultspositive ROI, it’s time to relign expecttions.

How mny do you meet nd expect to become friends (or good friends) with in tht short time frme? Becuse consumers nthropomorphize brnds, brnds should think bout socil medi s tool to develop reltionships with those who re open to it. Why would brnds hve different expecttions?

I don’t think it’s big secret tht I love SngIt (softwre), Nordstrom’s (deprtt ) nd Whrrl (web 2.0 pp).

Why do I love them? Becuse they consistently, repetbly demonstrted mzing service nd I feel like I hve personl reltionships with these orgniztions. These interctions require longer time horizon, thus metrics should be tied to long term gols.

I don’t think it is relly possible to cpture n ROI for socil medi mrketing. How do you put n ROI on brnding?

Thnk you for your ded on insight.

I couldnt gree with you more. I get sked time nd time gin, how cn I mke money tody with Socil Medi. I nswer “you cnt”. Compnies wnts to get involved in Socil Medi but hve no ide wht to do with it.

I m bookmrking this rticle s reference to give to clients when they sk bout our ROI.

The process tht the orgniztion uses to ensure repet businessusge of its productsservices on n ongoing bsis

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