Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective Communiction in the Workplce

Once understnd the importance of communication in project mngement, the next step is
ensuring r communiction in the workplce is effective.

There re four key spects to effective communiction in business projects…

Projects hve mny stkeholders, ech with their own specific needs.

Erly in the project should identify r
key stkeholders nd detine wht informtion they need to know. Then tilor r project communiction ccordingly.

To be effective, need to be ble to communicte informtion clerly. This involves more thn proper grmmr nd
composition. It lso includes being ble to simplify complex s into logicl pieces tht llow for others to
understnd r messge.

Being ble to clrify nd simplify complex issues is n importnt responsibility for project mnger. But must
be ble to do this concisely. r stkeholders don’t wnt to go through prgrphs of informtion to understnd n
issue or topic. need to tke the time to brekout the key points in concise yet complete wy.

Communicting project informtion on regulr bsis nd in istent formt cn help mnge stkeholder
expecttions nd reduce individul requests for informtion. This is importnt for building trust nd credibility with
r project stkeholders. Plus, it will end up sving lot of time.

The most obvious project deliverble tht should be distributed on set schedule is the Sttus Report. By sending
r project sttus report on set schedule nd in specified formt, r stkeholders will know when they cn expect
to get project updtes nd wht informtion will be included.

r Project Mngement Communiction Pln should specify ny scheduled communictions will
distribute s well s the informtion they will contin.

The finl spect for effective workplce communiction is tht need to communicte often nd openly.

To do this need to develop n open dilogue with r stkeholders where re ble to shre both good nd
bd with them.

One of the worst things cn do is to sit on bd . By communicting bd erlier, give everyone more
time to djust their plns or wys to minimize the impct.

pplying these four guidelines to r communiction in the workplce will go long wy towrds mking r
projects ful.

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