Don’t Make These Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Written by promotiondept

September 16, 2018

Last Upted: Mar 27, 2017
Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. Be sure you aren’t making one of these common mistakes.

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If you’re like the majority of businesses, email marketing will play an important role in your promotional efforts. This is news for small businesses, since email marketing is both afforble and very effective, but it also means that there will be plenty of competition in the inbox. Don’t let small mistakes keep you from achieving your email marketing goals!

Here are 5 missteps to watch out for:

1. Making it difficult for people to recognize you

For 68 percent of consumers, familiarity with the person sending the email is the top reason why they decide to open. Take the time to double check the “From Name” and “From Email Address” you’re using to send your emails.

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2. Giving a hard sell in the subject line

If you want your emails to out from the noise, you need to put some thought into the subject lines you decide to use. Avoid giving a hard sell—an overly salesy subject line is sure to turn off readers, and leave your email unopened or deleted.

Here are a few examples you may want to consider:

3. Ignoring mobile readers

Toy, more than 40 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device. For some comparison, mobile opens were at just 10 percent in 2011 — that’s an incredible 330 percent change. While you may have p much attention to mobile in the past, this year you need to design emails that on all devices.

The easiest way to find out if your emails are mobile friendly is to send a test, and read your email on your own mobile device.

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may want to rethink your email design.

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4. Slowing down your readers

Like you, your customers are busy. As a small business, you want your emails to fit that hectic schedule, slow them down.

Remember to:

5. Forgetting to include a clear call to action

Don’t hit send on your email promotions without offering a “next step” for your customers. Do you want them to redeem an offer? Register for an event? Connect on social media? Are you hoping to drive people into your store or shop online? It’s important to make sure that your main call to action is clear to your readers. Be careful to bury your call to action at the bottom of a lengthy email. Instead, place it front and center, and clearly identify why they should take that next step.

Avoid these common email marketing pitfalls, and you’re sure to have a campaign that s out in the inbox.

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Ellen Williams, Constant Contact Regional Developt Director, New York and Southern Connecticut

Ellen has over 20 years of technology and marketing experience and has presented to over 4,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and associations. Her advice on best pctices help organizations under build customer relationships that inevitable grow their businesses.  



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