Having a domain name is critical especially when you’re running an Internet business. People have less credibility on business owners or sellers who don’t have their own domain name.

Then, how should you choose a good domain name for your business? Some of them that you can think of might not be available any more but among the ones that are available, follow these tips to choose the best one for you.

Try to find a domain that includes one of major keywords applicable for your business.
This will definitely make visitors remember your domain better than a domain with no keyword contained. It is believe that the major search engines rank you higher if your domain has a relevant word with keywords that users type.

Domain that contains numbers
(1) Avoid a domain name that contains the digit ‘0′ because it can be confused with the vowel ‘O’. It’s okay that the digit is a part of a work such as 100 or 2000. If you need to register domain with ‘0′, you may want to register the corresponding domain with the vowel ‘O’ and forward that site to your main site.

(2) Avoid a domain name that contains ‘2′ for ‘to’, ‘4′ for ‘for’ or ‘u’ for ‘you’ because it can be confusing.

(3) A domain name that starts with ‘1′ or ‘1st’ is a good choice. Many web directories classify web sites by listing them in the alphabetic order. Few sites start with ‘0′ so the chances are that your site will be listed in the first a few sites if your domain starts with ‘1′ or ‘1st’. ‘1st’ can also sound that your site provides good quality of services or products.

Try to use ‘.com’ rather than ‘.biz’, ‘.us’, ‘.to’, ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ simply because ‘.com’ sounds more reliable.

Try not to make your domain too long. There will be visitors who come to your site by typing your domain at the address bar rather than by clicking a link from other sites, i.e. search engine sites. You wouldn’t want to annoy your visitors by making them type a long domain name that has more than thirty letters.

Hyphen It’s a common belief that people prefer a domain name without hyphens. Domains with hyphens are more difficult to remember or spell. But they can also be easier to remember. It depends on an individual. Just don’t register a domain that its corresponding one without hyphen is already registered. Also if you want to choose a domain with hyphens, try to register the corresponding domain without hyphens, too.