Havng a doman name s crtcal especally wh runnng an nternet busness. People have less credblty on busness owners or sellers who don’t have ther own doman name.

Th, how should you choose a good doman name for your busness? Some of them that you can thnk of mght be avalable any more but among the ones that are avalable, follow these tps to choose the best one for you.

Try to fnd a doman that ncludes one of major keywords applcable for your busness.
Ths wll defntely make vstors remember your doman better than a doman wth no keyword contaned. t s beleve that the major search gnes nk you hgher f your doman h a relevant word wth keywords that users type.

Doman that contans numbers
(1) Avod a doman name that contans the dgt ‘0′ be t can be confused wth the vowel ‘O’. t’s okay that the dgt s a part of a work such 100 or 2000. f you to regster doman wth ‘0′, you may want to regster the correspondng doman wth the vowel ‘O’ and forward that ste to your man ste.

(2) Avod a doman name that contans ‘2′ for ‘to’, ‘4′ for ‘for’ or ‘u’ for ‘you’ be t can be confusng.

(3) A doman name that starts wth ‘1′ or ‘1st’ s a good choce. Many web drectores clsfy web stes by lstng them n the alphabetc order. Few stes start wth ‘0′ so the chances are that your ste wll be lsted n the frst a few stes f your doman starts wth ‘1′ or ‘1st’. ‘1st’ can also sound that your ste provdes good qualty of servces or products.

Try to use ‘.com’ ther than ‘.bz’, ‘.us’, ‘.to’, ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ smply be ‘.com’ more relable.

Try to make your doman too long. There wll be vstors who come to your ste by typng your doman at the address ther than by clckng a lnk from other stes, .e. search gne stes. You wouldn’t want to annoy your vstors by makng them type a long doman name that h more than thrty letters.

Hyph t’s a common belef that people prefer a doman name wthout hyphs. Domans wth hyphs are more dffcult to remember or spell. But they can also be eer to remember. t depds on an ndvdual. Just don’t regster a doman that ts correspondng one wthout hyph s already regstered. Also f you want to choose a doman wth hyphs, try to regster the correspondng doman wthout hyphs, too.


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