Discover it® Chrome Credit Card Review – 2% Cash Back on Gas & Restaurants

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November 11, 2018

Discover it® Chrome is a hybrid cash back and gas credit card with no fee. In promotional literature, Discover actually refers to Chrome as “Discover and Restaurant Credit Card,” and it’s not hard to see why: Discover it Chrome’s rewards program favors station and restaurant purchases, and moderately rewards or types of spending. It belongs to a broad family of Discover cash back and travel rewards credit cards, including original Discover itDiscover it MilesDiscover it for Students, and its near-carbon copy, Discover it Chrome for Students.

Discover it Chrome also competes with a number of popular and cash back credit cards issued by or companies. Its closest competitors include Chase Freedom and Citi Double Cash Card.

It’s worth noting that Discover it Chrome doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus, unlike majority of its competitors. However, it does offer a double cash back bonus for first-year cardholders, a nice perk that can add up fast for heavy spenders.

Besides cash back match your first year, re is no or sign-up bonus for this card.

Discover it Chrome earns 2% cash back on station and restaurant purchases, up to $1,000 in total spending per quarter. All spending above that limit earns an unlimited 1% cash back. All or purchases also earn an unlimited 1% cash back. Discover allows you to redeem your cash back rewards for statement credits, bank account deposits, and purchases in any amount, at any time. You can also redeem for both electronic and physical gift cards, subject to a $20 minimum.

On your first card membership anniversary, 12 months after your sign-up date, Discover matically doubles all cash back you accumulated during previous year. re’s no limit to how much you can earn from this bonus. For instance, if you earn $100 in first-year cash back, you receive a $100 bonus on your card membership anniversary, bumping your total first-year cash back earnings to $200.

Discover it Chrome’s It feature lets you lock your account from any Internet-connected device. It prevents anyone (including you) from making new purchases or cash advances, and was created for situations in which you suspect that your card has been stolen or your account compromised in some or way. You can unlock your account in same manner once danger has passed. Remember that matic or scheduled payments continue to execute as normal when It is turned on, and interest on unpaid balances continues to accumulate at normal rate.

Discover it Chrome has a 14-month 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers. Qualifying balance transfers must be made by 10th day of third month account opening. For instance, if you open your account in June, you have until September 10th to take advantage of promotion.

Discover it Chrome comes with a free FICO credit score on every monthly paper or electronic statement. Your FICO score is also available on-demand through your online account dashboard.

Discover it Chrome has no fee or foreign transaction fee. Balance transfers always cost a flat 3% of transferred amount, and cash advances always cost greater of $10 or 5%. Late and returned payments cost $35.

This card requires good to exent credit.

Discover it® Chrome has a nice 2% cash back bonus for frequent restaurant and station shoppers. However, its $1,000-per-quarter 2% category spending limit is a bit low. If spend heavily at restaurants and stations, you’re likely to blow through that limit pretty quickly.

But that doesn’t mean Discover it Chrome has no place in your wallet. If your credit is good enough to qualify for a more generous or dining-out card, use that as your default food and fuel spending card. Once you hit its quarterly or spending limit, pull out your Discover it Chrome card and stretch your remaining restaurant and s just a bit furr.

Discover it® Chrome is ideal for light spenders who need a regular and restaurant credit card, and can also work as a secondary credit card for heavier spenders. It’s not meant for people with a wide variety of spending needs, those who frequently by plane, and those who prefer (and can qualify for) more generous rewards cards.

First-year double cash back, solid and restaurant rewards, intro APR period, late payment leniency, and reasonable qualification standards are all nice benefits. Low maximum cash back, spending caps for 2% category, and no sign-up bonus all hurt. Overall, a very good card for frugal, practical spenders.

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