Creating a Live-to-Serve Business

In past columns, I have outlined the Five Keys to Business Success.  The “Five Keys” are core characteristics we business owners develop in order to achieve real, lasting business success.  These characteristics are: 1) living to see, 2) making a profit, 3) owning a business (not a job), 4) making for the “business” of business, and 5) manng systems, not people.

Each key opens a door to the next segm of a transformational journey that will you change from product seller or seice provider to owner of a profitable, scalable business.  The first step of your journey begins with the realization that the most important thing your customers buy from you is not the “thing” your business sells. Instead, they purchase the EXPERIENCE of obtaining that “thing” from your business.  Your success lies in profitably maximizing the value of this experience and in advancing the life-quality of your customers and community.  In short, you business will succeed by “Living to See.”

This then is the first key to business success.  It should be the foundation, the spirit, and guiding principle of your business.  It is also the key that opens the door to the other keys to business success.  Your role, as owner, is to constantly polish this key by making all customer interactions as rewarding, easy, and meaningful as possible.

Building a -to-See business is a four-step process.  You must: 1) idify your business’s real product, 2) make that product the basis of your customer’s experience, 3) communicate your real product in a meaningful way to your customers and community, and 4) take your -to-See idity with you as you travel through the remaining four phases of your journey.

Uncovering your business’s real product is not as easy as it may seem.  Consider my friend Matt, a master electrician who recly formed his own business. Many would say that Matt’s “real” product is the electrical wiring of homes and businesses, and Matt does indeed perform such activities on a daily basis. These activities however, are not his real product. To uncover his real product – the need he sees – we must dig a little deeper.

Consider this: electricity is both purposeful tool and perilous menace.  The electricity used to brew your morning coffee also ca 67,800 s, 485 dhs, and $868 million in property losses each year, and the cause of vast majority of these tragedies is improper wiring.  Matt means your home and business will be safe from such loss.

Electricity is also expensive.  Fortunately, Matt is a solar power and energy conseation expert who knows which appliances, light bulbs, insulation, and wiring systems will save you money (and the environm).  He also knows which systems and products qualify for state and credits.  Since the average U.S. family spends well over $1,500 per year on electricity, Matt’s expertise can save households and businesses hundreds of dollars annually, an investm that can quickly pay for itself.

The product that Matt’s customers purchase is not simply electrical wiring.  His “real” product is safety, reliability, peace of mind, and expert consultation that saves hundreds of dollars per year.

Since Matt has discovered his real product and knows how his business “s to see,” he will make his real product the basis of each customer’s experience and develop a plan to share this experience with the larger community.  His business’s -to-see idity will also him unlock each remaining segm of his business success journey.

To discover how your own business “s to see” ask yourself the following questions: Why does the community need your product or seice?  What difference does your product or seice make in the s of your customers?  How would their s be negatively affected if your business did not exist?  Your answers will you discover your real product and unlock the door to first part of your transformational journey. 

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