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Wht cuses consulting clients to fil to commit – nd more importntly, wht cn you do bout it? Some clients will lwys be wishy wshy, but tke these five steps nd they will be more likely to move forwrd with their project.

Projects re ment to be executed on. s consultnt, I see it ll the time. Customers hve everything in plce including fvorble estimte or price from me to get strted tomorrow or whenever they wnt nd they just cn’t do it. Hiring orgnizons tht cn’t mke hiring decisions Hve you ever hd tht one hppen? I hve. One time n orgnizon couldn’t mke decision becuse they were convinced tht since I ws consultnt tht I would sty long. So I just remined this finlist in limbo for position tht ws never filled. (the funny thing is they ended up spending four times more per hour to hire me for some consulting insted of hiring me s W2.ok. Cn I cll tht win-win for me?).

Consulting 0 Series:

Chnge or rect?

How do you chnge these customer or consulting client behviors? You don’t relly. They will likely never chnge. Whtever is cusing them to be ble to let go of the pst insecurities nd the future nxieties is still there nd will be there. Wht you cn do is do everything you cn to show tht you re redy to go right now with them. Four things re key for tht to hppen

Tell them you re committed to them. Let them know tht you ren’t going nywhere. Point to your long term relonships with other clients – show them something concrete they cn touch nd see. Discuss plns for the project like you re mentlly moving forwrd on the project for them. Sometimes tht is the push they need nd sometimes tht still won’t work. But it is my first go-to when trying to jumpstrt project or consulting decision. Strt tlking bout next steps – the more they see tht you hve pln even when they cn’t wrp their heds round it is sometimes the push they need to pull the trigger on the project or consulting initive.

Give them your best possible price nd tell them so. By doing this you eliminte price s known issueor t lest presumed issue. If it’s consulting situon, tell them you relly wnt to dd them s client nd to do so you re giving them your bsolute best price. nd be detiled in your proposl. Tell the how mny hours you re ssuming they will need of your time.

Tell them you re flexible. Let the project client know tht you re dedicted to mking this work for them. They obviously need hnd holding to get strted so the best thing you cn do is to show tht you re vilble right now nd flexible enough to twek your services to their needs under the current greement if their needs should chnge in week #2. Point to long term clients you’ve hd so they understnd tht you re in it for the long hul nd won’t bil on them quickly if something better comes long.

Offer them long-term rrngement t discount. They ren’t likely to tke you up on this till you hve few months under your belt with them, but letting them know tht this is n option you wnt to pre to them nd you re offering discount to do so tells them you re committed to working with them. It my help them move forwrd nd it my , but this offer helps to tke you out of the equon of ny cuse for them to be hesitng.

sk the client wht is cusing the dely.  When ll else filsor mybe first?go stright to the source nd just sk wht might be cusing the dely.  They my even relize tht 2 or 3 or 5 weeks hve pssedtime flies sometimes.  I hve hd tht hppen where the client ws cught up in new product relese nd didn’t even relize how long they hd been out of touch.  The best prctice is to lwys skmybe there is something tht you cn ultimtely do to help them move things longnd it my even men more revenue for you.


These clients tht re hording projects nd cn’t move forwrd for whtever reson re frustrng. Stff is redy. Plns re in plce. Budgets re usully pproved. Yet they cn’t mke hiring decisions or project kickoff moves for whtever reson. They re esilly hording initives becuse they lck whtever it tkes to pull the trigger.

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