Consulting 101: 4 Ways to Get Consulting Prospects to Buy

Lst Updted: Sep 28, 2016
Sometimes consulting prospects just n push to get them to sign on for your services. Here re four things you cn try to quickly turn prospects into pying customers.

You wnt to expnd your consulting prctice by expnding your current client bse. You my be stretching yourself thin but unless your consulting gigs re the type tht tke up 110% of your time every time out, then you usully wnt to mke sure you hve severl strems of income going t once, nd tht you’re constntly mrketing to drw new prospects into your sles funnel. You to cover yourself becuse no mtter how good of consultnt you re, you’ll still hve the occsionl csh-strpped client who wits till the 11th to bil on you. When they do, tht leves void tht you cn’t possibly fill in time for your next month’s plnned income – unless you lredy hve some sles prospects in your funnel who you my be to convince to retin you now.

It hppened to me this pst month so it is certinly fresh in my mind… Here re three of my top hcks for converting those prospects to new business quickly:

Consulting 101 Series:

Chnge your pyment terms. If you re lwys sking for pyment in dvnce, mix it up nd offer hesitnt new client or pst client tht you wnt to re-engge to signup for 50/50 pyment pln. By this I men 50% up front nd 50% t the end of the gig. It’s highly likely tht someone will bite. Especilly when you’re ing with smller orgniztions, you will find tht pying in dvnce for the custom services you provide my be something they desire, but cn’t often fford. Meet them somewhere – meet them in the middle with this 50/50 pln. It will probbly get you over the hump nd get the del closed.

Throw in two freebies. dd not one, but t lest two free items or services of vlue tht you cn give them but won’t kill you on cost or time. It will men lot to them nd they won’t know tht it isn’t tht of scrifice to you…they re only going to look t it from their perspective. It’s likely tht s you hve been tlking to this potentil client you’ve herd some s or some pin points tht you could probbly esily help them out on by just giving wy couple of dd-on services or freebies tht will relly mke your offer golden.

Give them more of the sme, but for the sme price. If you re giving them some kind of service for, sy, four week period…give them n week for the sme four week price. Tht service period my very well sel the del for them. Don’t mke it something tht is going to push you over the edge nd mke it impossible for you to deliver qulity service to them or to other clients, but if you cn n week or five or ten s of service in the contrct without wering yourself out or mking the whole gig much less profit, then to the right potentil client tht will men more thn % discount. It’s ll in the presenttion.

Offer to “look t” something tht is for them but my be outside of your norml services. You do ‘x’ nd they your services for ‘x.’ But they lso ‘y’. If ‘y’ is something you know you cn do but is not usully in your norml service offering, offer it nd see if tht sels the del. gin, don’t offer something you cn’t hndle – the lst thing you ever wnt to do is fil. But much of wht I offer s consultnt hs developed out of new client requests nd I rely on those new client innovtions to help expnd my service offering…nd it hs ed well for me.


The key is to look for those things tht you cn offer tht won’t your bnk or put you over the edge in terms of commitment nd effort, but will still men lot to these prospective clients nd hopefully get them signed on s your newest client tomorrow. Win-win.

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Brd Egelnd is Business Solution Designer nd IT/PM consultnt nd uthor of A Real World Project Manager’s Guide to the Successful Project. He hs over 25 yers of development, mngement, nd project mngement experience leding inititives in Mnufcturing, Government Contrcting, Cretive Design, Gming nd Hospitlity, Retil Opertions, vition nd irline, Phrmceuticl, Strt-ups, Helthcre, Higher Eduction, Non-profit, High-Tech, Engineering nd generl IT. Brd is mrried, her of 11, nd living in sunny Ls Ve, NV. Visit Brd’s site t